Sunday, 1 March 2009

*Hello Kitty*

i love hello kitty MAC.. i do i doo i dooo ooo oooo!

righht lets scrap that wish list of hello kitty of wants..
i didnt follow it really! LOL everything looked soo prettyy!! :--( but OMG! did anyone order from the website at 8AM? and noticed cute-ster lipstick was sold out already!
i couldnt believe it! but mind you they stocked up thew the day and i ordered one ;--)

So in the end i ordered :

Blush - Trippy
Blush - Fun and Games
Pigment - Deep Blue Green
LIpstick - Big bow
Lipstick - Cute-Ster
Lipglass - She LOves Candy

but i might go back and get the pink fish cos the colour looks gawjus!
and lots of people saying how great it is :( what you think ?

annd guess w
hat guys ;-) ive been makeup shoopping today! :-D
well.. i only brought GOSH - Darling and was really lucky as were the
last one left!:-D my
lucky day! !
so sorry guys if you live in basingstoke and went to superdrug wanting that
lipstick ;-)

 thenn i brought some false eyelashes !

my FAVO ones Eyelure 101

my 2nd favoo Eyelure 100

im in LOVE with these! i feel like a porn star with these babys on LOL!
anyways thanks to my first follower!

you made my day :-)
more jibbar jabber soon and camera photos coming up shortly!

Sammchee x3


AbbieAndBrian said...

oh you gave me a shout out :)
thank you!!
ive been considering buying the darling lipstick from gosh
but tried making my own nude lipstick instead
i made a blog about it
so if you get the chance ... please check it out :)

Sammiebbz * said...

no probs :-)
yeahh that lipstick is hard to find cos it keeps gettin sold out :-(
ooo never tired making a lipstick before!
i'll defo check it out :)

AbbieAndBrian said...

i'm glad you liked what i made :)
but i think im gonna have to go and buy Darling :)
everyone says its good

Sammiebbz * said...

its amazinngg :--)
i love it to bits lol
im glad its a UK product and not US!
cos normally everything good is in the US :--( then you hava wait longer for it and the costs for the p&p is crapp :(
by the way the lipstick number is 134 for Gosh darling