Sunday, 29 March 2009

* Hauling Yet Again! *

So i went to town with my mum today ( yet again ) and brought
loties :D heres what i got

Comb 19p (wilksons),x2 fake eyelashes in Maxi-med Length Flare (wilksons),Prestige Skin loving minerals in 2 Glam Tan,Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Mascara,Maybelline shiny.licious 807 pink fizz

Comb 19p :

my back teasing comb gotta love this lots :) ( gotta be a 10/10)

fake eyelashes in Maxi-med Length Flare :

cheap eyelashes from wilko :D loves i only use this with a 2
nd pair on top to give it fuller lashes ( 7/10 because i have to use another fake lashes on top )

Prestige Skin loving minerals in 2 Glam Tan :

Gorgeous bronzey dewy glow! r
eminds me of the mac msf's for cheaper price :) ( 8/10 can be abit too geamy on your face but when used a little it looks perfect :) )

Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Mascara Black :

My favo mascara that i keep loving and buying more! i never turn away from this baby ! :) more fuller and lengthing look for your eyelashes! ( 10/10 for certain my mother of the babys! )

bag from primark (£5.00) , Purse from primark (£3.50)


M.a.c 3 lash , Clinique Pore Minimizer

Clinique Pore Minimizer:

My favo pore cover! it covers my pores flawlessy! it reminds me of some what a putty texture - yeah kinda werid but doesnt smell like putty! ( deffo 10/10 i keep buying this stuff! )

M.a.c 3 lash :

Havent tryed these yet, but looks nice from the packaging :-) shame about the price tho £8 =/ but ill make these last ;)
( cant rate if i havent tryed :) )

Anyways my loveys hope you all had a good day!

love choo all loties!
Sammcheee <3

Saturday, 28 March 2009

* codes *

heres the codes of each product :)

£1 FACE = "getoffyourface"

£1 LIPS = "LS0309"

£2.95 OFF P&P = "feel32mailme" (P&P FREE in UK & £1 in EU).

enjoy your day!

jibbing jabbbering always
sammie x3

Friday, 27 March 2009

* Coupons from e.l.f tomorrow!*

Thats right giirls! elf is having special discount codes starting from tomorrow 7.30am!
these will include

£1 on all Lip Products, £1 on all Face Products Or FREE P&P on all orders. We will also be sending 200 free Lip Glosses to the first 200 customers who use a code.

all rounder sknip and save for those who's finding money tight this year :~)
ill be posting all the codes tomorrow

jibbering jabbering
Sammie <3

Thursday, 26 March 2009

* Can anyone help me please? *

Rightyooos youno mac 15 palette? some of you people put magnets inside the palette do you no where i could buy them in the UK>? because been looking online and they do crazy ass sizes and i only want the little ones :(
just annoys the hell out of me when i knock my palette over n all the eyeshadows pop out and sometimes brake :(

If anyone knows where you got them please tell me would be a big help thankyou :) <3

Sorry for short little post but on the bright side im going to town tomorrow *yay*
Jibbering Jabbing nOnstopp

Sammie <3

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

* so another haul *

So i ordered off of mac's website and heres what i have gotten :-)

io Scuply NC20 Concealaer, Grand duo Earth to earth,195 Concealer brush

My long lost concealer!

Studio Scuply NC20 Concealaer :
This little thing is HEAVEN in a pot! Amazinng coverage from this little beautyy ! :-) im soo glad i brought this :-) it covers all my flaws and under circles perfectly could say im in love with a pot! ;)

Grand duo Earth to earth
A sexy bronzey colour!it could be my new favo bronzer now :) its a browny orangey tint with the smallest glitter and along side a lightest orange with yellow undertones just lovelove this :)

195 Concealer brush:
Always needed a brush like this as i was always using my fingers,
but its a pretty dencets brush and i love it :)

Quick Tip!

So finding your eyeliner pen dry and no liquid coming out?.. well i found a soulation! all i do is spray Fix + or the brush cleaner even onto the eyeliner pen to get some product up so it doesnt dry out here are my results :-)

Elf liquid eyeliner pen in brown

normall eyeliner application on top
eyeliner application with fix + on bottom

on another note..

HAHA i put my doggy to sleepies! she looks tired dont she :(

Anyways what a long ass post!
harhar :)

more jibber jabber cominn your way!
Sammie x33

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

* My Haul From Sunday *

So after all the bitchtanngg from mac lol thiss is what i got from there :-)
and by the way they were sold out from pink fish who coulda guessed that? ;)

NC20 studio scup
lt foundation, Poliety Lipstick and Moon River Blush/ Highlighter

My Thoughts :

NC20 studio scuplt foundation
: hasnt broke me out yet! which is a mega plus love the coverage and texture! and the small amount goes along way i.e SAVES MONEY!
Poliety Lipstick: Great nude colour with shine on my lips i just love the smell of mac lipsticks mmmm
Moon River Blush/ Highlighter: soft peachy tones blush its really supple and comes with a gorgeous sheen goldy/whiteish highligher * big loves there* just love this product so much im going to buy earth to earth :)
Superdrug Haul

Gosh lipjam 100,Maybelline pure minerals 40,Beauty uk paletee

Im being honest..

i must admitt i havent tryed the lipjam and blush yet but have tryed the beauty uk palette and i just want too say.. OH MY GOD! for 1.99or 2.99 its BLOODY AMAZING! love the colours very pigmented and its just really worth the money! deffo buying the bright colour palette for funkey looks! all rounder love this loads : )

Jewellery/Nail Polish Haul

Jane Norman earrings £6,Jane Norman bracelet £12,Star Gazer orange 103/Purple Pink 104

Hehe ;) :

told you i would be buying more nail polishes didnt i :) only beacause in reading New Look they had about a dozen of each there! so were very tempeted and brought! but looks soo niiice! big lover of star gazer at the mo :)
and the earrings and bracelet need to say more? SEXXYY! haha veryy purty stuff :)

So thats the end of my hauling from sunday :-(

hope you all had a good mothers day though !

Jibbering Jabbering Always
SamCheee x3

Monday, 23 March 2009

* SoOoo..*


I went reading yesterdayy! YAY annd Nayy as i only just made the train with 2 mintues to go.. i thought phwoar im lucky only to find the train was packed ass full! full with bloody rugby fans of the match to london vs irish =-[ but then went for a cuppa in B&B ( muffin place ) then went off to MAC so were all excited :-) then a bloke asked me if i wanted help so i said yes and then i asked "can i have a colour match on studio scuplt foundation please?" then he was like what one? and i thought he ment what foundation so i was like... the studio scuplt foundation...he was like no the colour... so i was like all confused beacause i asked to have a colour match lol then he got all stressy and pissed off looking at me liking he didnt give a crapzee being there! so he gave me wipes for me to take off my own makeup off ( was abit strange beacause i thought they always take your makeup off, but it just might be mac that doesnt i thought too myself ) so i was getting along with it with this bloke all pissflyed on me when putting the foundation on me, hardly making convo so i said " oh you havent got the grand duos out here, do you no when you going to get them in?" then he said " i duno might be out in next reasled or summat" then when i had my foundation done i wondered about and FOUND the grand duos! so i was like i brought the moon river blush in the end and the foundation in NC20 and a lipstick in Poliety and i never did get my sample of foundation! =-[ i wasnt even planning buyin it as i wanted to see it in the nautral light but he never gave me one so i thought argh ill just get one myself!
all rounder in mac was crap! made my day crap with a snotty up his ass bloke :(

Sorry for a long ass vloging bit lol
next post will be pictures of the items i brought :-)

Jibbering jabbing always
Your samchee <3

Saturday, 21 March 2009

* O M G! *

omg i won summat on youtube :-D i won a Cibu Shang High Travel Pack from spell cosmetics
dead excited i were wanting to try out cibu for a long long time but having no hardly money and not knowing where the shop that sells them in the UK i gave up buh YAY :-D

haha and yes i hada get that outta my system :~)
Jibbing Jabbinng loties
Sammie x3


Yay my MsCuppyCakes oder has came at last woop :)
Heres what i got in my package:

[ Photos are clickable ]


Also i got Red Cherry Lashes in #100 but was too excited and wore them straight away lol :D

Also i did a little experiment with the jumbo nyx pencils on how different they look with black and white bases and heres my results :~) - Totally different right?

Anyways my sexy bloggers
will post 2mrra :-)
Jibbing Jabbering Always
Sammie x3

Thursday, 19 March 2009

* Reading *

Wahay im off to reading on sunday with my mom :~)
and im gonna be stoppin by....THE MAC STORE! ohh yehh :D
was wonderin
ng if anyone is raving about any stuff from mac or superdrug at the mo
if you are could you please comment me below thankyou :-)

at the mo my shoppin list is..

The Shoppin List:

1) A sample of Mac studio sculpt foundation - as im hearing good stuff about it

2) Mac moon river grand duo - just looks so puurtyy

3) Mac Hello Kitty pink fish - if i can get my hands on it (unlikey lol)

4) Mac blankety lipstick - for my back2mac maybe

5) Maybelline pure minerals blush - loves it alot! :D

More posting on sunday :)

Jibber jabber
Sammie x3

Friday, 13 March 2009

* Primark and Small makeup Haull *

Hey my babys! heres what i got from primark the other day :-) (primark - very ass cheap shop)
my mum brought me this cute little purse

Front back

Cute pair of sunglasses and another cheap scarf!

Socks,Slippers and sunglass case and bag:~)

Now the lOw dOwn on the makeup

Pure Blush Maybelline - 40 Quatz Peach

i LOOVEE THIIIS! feels so soft and smooth across your face as if your hardly wearing any blush at all! defo interested into buying more of these blushers! any recommandations of these blush colours?

Nars - Angelika Blush

I must admitt i havent tryed this blush out yet.. but first thoughts were.."WOAHH its shimmerly" i duno if its a good thing or bad thing at the mo but we shall see how it goes :-)

Talk to ya'll soon :-)
Jibbar jabberr Sammie x3

* E.L.F hauling and my Makeup Brushes *

Well hello my sexyy peoples! :~) missed you all!
sorry not posted been ill then my mum and dad were ill so had to look after them
but did have a chance to order from :-) theres also 10% off of gifts and kits sets the code is ilovemum anyways heres the lOw down of what i got :~)

My reaction is i LOVE everythink! but there are one or too products is abit iffy :-( like the Coffee liquid eyeliner its a brilliant tip of it but the only promblem is you cant shake the product into the tip so which meanns the tip drys out verry very quickly which is a bummer cos i loved this eyeliner :(

on another note the compact i'd customised is totaly different to the colours i got!
let me show you..

totaly different right? i woulda much prefered the actull colours i wanted on the website! o well but i do love peaches tho and would still use it not quite sure about the others tho heres what it looks on the lips
Peaches . Icing

But heres somthing fun i decided to do.. nail polish my MAC brushes :-D look soo nicee andd funkeey! glad i did them :-) i just put sellotape around the brushes above the word A on JAPAN or A on FRANCE and heres the out come of them :~)

Yellow nail polish is Star Gazer in 102
Pink nail polish is Star Gazer in 205

You can buy them from newlook :)

Next post shal be on more makeup haul and primark haulinng!

Jibber jabber jibstarr

Sammie x3

Friday, 6 March 2009

* Shoppin Timme ! *

OOOOOhh lookie what i brought

from primark £3.00
Love this scarf so cheap! tempeted to buy another one!

Eyelure 100/Gosh White eyeliner from superdrug
Big loves for my favo lashes! / havent tryed the eyeliner yet but looks a nice bold white

Jumpo Lipblam from Claries
Smellls supperr goood like strawberrys and cream

Nail polish / Eyeshadows from New look
£2.50 / £3.00
Lovinng all of this BIG time think im gonna buy all the colours lol

Posting later on today my makeup storage :-)
Promise ;-)
Jibba jabber jastarr
Sammie x3

* Make up storage *

Wahay my makeup storage post ;--) at last!

Some ideas for you makeupholic people :-)

( All pics are clickable for bigger image )

My Backups

My plaettes

More back ups / stuff i dont use

Wahay so i finally did it 5 flims later ;-)
Hopes this will help your makeup storage ! if you want to no the details of the units i used
leave me a comment :)
anyways more jibber jabber soon :)

Sammie x3