Monday, 23 February 2009


Anyone watch the american oscars last night?! i did ;) and my first time for watchin the american oscars! i couldnt believe how much better it was then the UK verison of it but a shame that the american verison carrys on for ages but on a good note............................... did anyone see... ROBBERT PATTERISONN!?!!!
core hes a fitttaa! he looked soo cuttee :) very smartt in a tuux a must say ;) just makes me want to watch twilight all over again for the 50th time ! and im really loving there soundtrack music from the movie is really goood :--) and i didnt no that rob sang! hes amazinng!

back to the makeup :) 2 days time for HELLO KITTYY!!
YAY! cant wait for it :) and im also really loving GOSH - darling alot recently its a nice nude colour of the lips, they sell it at superdrug worth its worth the 5pound :) but nearly running out as i use it too much lol

and on another good note... my momma is ordering my sunglasses! the ray bran ones :)
can yer give us a WOOP WOOPP! :D

more jibbar jabber soon
Sammie x3

Friday, 20 February 2009

Moree wants wants :)

yet againn i have my eye on somthing esle.. no surpirse there right guys? :)
so wha i been eyeing up is these sexy babies!

Shu Uemura - False eyelashes Luxe

Prob is tho i can only find these on american based website and only one english website which is SpaceUK but is sold out -.-
unlucky :(

Annd another thing that is caughing my eye is CHI Silk Infusion i hear everyone raving about this LOADS but will it live up to the standards eh? best price i could find was 14 quid :(

has anyone saw it cheaper in the UK?

Moree news on milliepoo shes having her booster jab todayy :( poor doggay! have to have a big ass needle in her :( i couldnt go to the vets cos i dont want to see her in pain :(
wel on the plus side we can start taking her for walkies sooon :--)

and ARGHHHHH wishh hello kittty is here soonn! mind you only have to wait 5 days now :)

but sooo annoying when everyones raving bout it loads in hauls vids
just makes me want it more

more jibber jabber
from thee samstar :) x3

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Wahay! look what i found in my inbox :)! mega happyy! shame i cant go to it, but then again they have a secert website out,for the people who couldnt go! well goood :)

Anyways look what ive ordered yesterday!

Sooo cuttesyy ay? and for £11.89 bargin i say ;) heres the website if anyones interested
im quite liking this brand alot recently and wanting the pink intinal necklace in S but there all out out at the mo :( just going to have to wait, hate waiting tho lol

and dont you just hate it when you have a headache and your trying to sleep!

i had that all of last night and hardly got any sleep :( and when i did i woke up with it still lol
bloody headaches i say!
n stupid 4head thing that dont work :(

But heyy over with my ramblle will post later 2day or 2mrra :)

Sammie x3

Sunday, 15 February 2009

My wants!

Arghh i been keepin my eye on ray ban - Wayfarers sunglasses they look soo coool!
buutt they put a badass big price on these babys! for about a 100quid likee!

so not coool :( but hey when i get a job these are on the first of my list ;)


------ CAN WE ALL SAY OMG OMG OMG!?--------

i think we can ;)
i might have to pay for those babys out of my going "downhill" savings :(
it really really really really really is crapp when you dont have a job !
but hey this is my list to be :)

1) brush set - if they launch it in the UK
2) big bow - lipstick
3) Tahitian Sand - beauty powder

4) fun and games blusher
5) trippy blusher
6) cute Ster - lipstick

now can you say bad sammie for spendin that much of your savings on makeup? lol :)

anyways hope you all had a goood vals day yesterday!
i know i sucks ass when your single on vals day :(

Sammie x3


Mannn ive been puttin my blog off for somw time now!
sorrys peopless but is due too this thing here!

haha my millie :--) 8 weeks old in that pic dead cute right? :)

Pluuussss ive been buying bitchh loads from mac :-D
will upload pictures when i can nick my familys camerA lool
just a little post to say IAMM ALIVE STILL! haha :)

Sammie x3