Monday, 26 September 2011

INGLOT UK Online Store Now Open!!

hia guys short post from me today but just got a email through about inglot UK online sore now opened!! excited much!! :) haven't ordered yet but
i bloady will soon

Muhaha, check it out here

Love you uber lots and will do a proper post soon :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Depotting NYX pencils?!☺


Into this!  :)

What you need:

◆ Hairdryer

◆ Your Nyx Pencil

◆ Container (got mine from superdrug)

◆ Tweezers

First of  all you need to take the end bit the nyx pencil off and position it like in the photo. ( i used tweezers for where my fingers are in this photo as the hair dryer gets very hot) Then put the hair dryer on full heat and directly put the hair dryer down to the end of the stick. ( what this will do is melt the Kohl and the product will come out in the top bit).

IF this takes to long for you

Put the pencil in the container then put it in a microwave jug. Then simply microwave it for around 2 mins but keep opening on the microwave and keep checking its going down.

and when cooled it will look like this.

Annd that's my tip for you! as you can waste product for when you cant sharpen it down further it enough, so its all good :)

Love ya girll,

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Line up my Soldiers!♥

Cloud 9, Minx, Peachy Keen, Milkshake, Pin up, Pinkini

I love my little soldiers! and i also love the names for these too :) These are very pigmented and retail at £4.99 but grab yours now at sleek's website as they have a 3 for 2 offer on these now!.Must say I'm really impressed with the posting, i only ordered these yesterday morning and i got them today! = Happy Sammie :D.

Anyways i now shall spam you with these babys!

Cloud 9


Peachy Keen


Pin Up


Overall, i think these are amazing! i love the fact they havent disspointed me to the OCC dupe and glad that these running for a cheaper price then them :).
I do hope they continue to release new shades of the pout paint soon :)

Love ya girl,

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Whats in my bag?! ❤

My Beautiful Pauls Boutique bag :) (limited edition)

All of my stuff in my bag :)

Leaflet - Went to Hampton Court for the day! was really nice there and packed as hell.

Umbrella -  Never no about this English weather! nuff said ;)

Impulse + Exclamation body spray - To keep me smelling pruttyyy 

Retar Dex Oral Spray - Just in case! Never know when your getting a kiss ;)

Nurofen Tablets - Because i suffer from headaches so these are essential :(

Geek Glasses - Just because i love abit of geek!

Fan - As its bloady boiling in England at the mo.

Iphone earphones - To listen to the music on those bus journeys with screaming kids in the background -.-

My Keys - To get me in the house! haha :) have loads of key chains! im a collector :)

Iphone -  = LOVE! im a big texter :)

andd thatt is it :) i had to throw out alot of stuff from my bag as i was switching my bags up. Not a neat girl at heart haha.

Love ya gurl,