Friday, 13 March 2009

* Primark and Small makeup Haull *

Hey my babys! heres what i got from primark the other day :-) (primark - very ass cheap shop)
my mum brought me this cute little purse

Front back

Cute pair of sunglasses and another cheap scarf!

Socks,Slippers and sunglass case and bag:~)

Now the lOw dOwn on the makeup

Pure Blush Maybelline - 40 Quatz Peach

i LOOVEE THIIIS! feels so soft and smooth across your face as if your hardly wearing any blush at all! defo interested into buying more of these blushers! any recommandations of these blush colours?

Nars - Angelika Blush

I must admitt i havent tryed this blush out yet.. but first thoughts were.."WOAHH its shimmerly" i duno if its a good thing or bad thing at the mo but we shall see how it goes :-)

Talk to ya'll soon :-)
Jibbar jabberr Sammie x3


AbbieAndBrian said...

has your stuff from MsCuppyCakes come yet??
please tell me when it does
because mine hasn't
and if you get yours first
i'll e-mail them and let them no!!
love the Nars Blush!!

Cris said...

That blush's on my wishlist :D...Do blog about it (like a mini review) when you use it ^_^! And that purse's so cute :).

rainbowdust33 said...

I have the pure blush in the plum colour and its too dark for me, might try the peach one xx