Wednesday, 22 December 2010

OHMYSHIT! Inglot cosmetics online?!


your hearing me righhtt!



It isnt *Live* yet to shop... It'll be open in a few weeks stated on the website. But you can still drool your arse on looking at all the stuff you can buy! ahha! i found this baby out last night and hada tell you guys cos DAMNN didnt you no inglot is kinda *rare to get hold of!* unless you live in Londann Town!

Anyways here is the website my babys with a screenie!

Inglot Store

UPDATE: The Host of the inglot says 

" We plan to move from inglotonline to a new domain name which will host all our brands and products available to you . "

and i dont even know what there new webby is yet! :(

Muchh love,

Over this holiday season to ya's :)


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How to get money or free products here! For us bloggers!

Yes your hearing me right people! just recently found a website on another blog about how they can promote your blogger website and past it on to companies and email you on every opportunity when summat comes up which is about 2-3 every week! its FREE! and i just think its a good thing as many other blogs gets left out cos all the highest blogs are all focused on them..

Heres a little screenie shot of there website..

 and here's there link

Hope this helps to anyone whos ever wondered how they have a chance to review and earn money from there blog.

 Love and Hugs,