Thursday, 25 November 2010

Review: Jill Stuart Eye Palette

So i purchased a Jill Stuart Palette in a blog sale as its really hard getting your hands on this baby's! theres only one site i know of that does these which is Jill Stuart Makeup. However, it is a tad expensive! and the prices are in JPY. So i would use a Currency Converter here.

Anyways enough ramble here's piccys!!

Pretty packaging right! :D

Brought in 04 Aqua Crystal

So i had kinda high expections of this product as its quite expensive around 40pounds even more! Its not amazing pigmentation (see swatch) very sparkly and glittery tho,which is to the point would i be carrying on buying this product because of how it looks like?

Here's the back of the Palette

The Low Down..


♥ The Packaging is too cutesy! :D

♥ Unique on the colours

♥ Its sparkly? (could count as a con)


→ The pigmentation isn't great at all

→ The price is alot, comes in the range of YSL,Dior so on

→ Can be quite hard to get your hands on these no UK shop!

→ and of course no Uk shop..will take about a month to get here from Japan

Would i buy it again?

Even though theres pretty much allot of against it to for it...but YES! like hello you would NEVER see anything cute like this in UK! and would be worth the wait! haha but PLZZZ someone make UK SHOP?!

Love and Hugs,

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Perfect Nude pink lip!

Yess you hearr mee! i have found my perfect pink nude lip combo!

Here's my ingredients..

My bare lips (is it wrong how i feel weird typing tha? haha)

MAC - Hue Lipstick

I love this lipstick! it's one of my "to go's" . I purchased loads of these, as i think it complements my lip colour! I'm due to buy another one as this one is running out ):

Gosh - Couleur Intense lipgloss 301

I brought this last week in superdrug and I'm in love with this! it has a mirror to the side on the lippy and the brush wand lights up! how perfect can that get? and always handy to have a mirror on a lippy if you forget to put a mirror in your bag.Its also quite pigmented for a lippy too!

*see swatch*

Sally Hansen - Maximum Plumping Lip Treatment

I brought this tube off eBay sealed and can safely say I'm loving this too! i need to check if they sell this in stores *does anyone know if they do?* its smells yummy! and doesn't have a burning sensation as with other lip plumper's i have tired in the past.BUT big but.. it doesn't enhance my lips what so ever... check the comparasment at the *top* in the result of that, I'd still be buying it as its a lovely lippy to have :)

lol anyone noticing I'm updating more? i think I'm getting into the swing of bloggin now woo :)

Love and Hugs,

Monday, 22 November 2010

Childhood Toys!

Another part to my 90's squeal! :) This part will feature all the toys i played and remembered in the 90's! :)

ts see if it'll make you bring back memories!

Furby! / Inside Furby

Released back in 1998

With the must have toy title.
I had one of these and loved it very much! till my brother got hold of it and smashed it in the mud it broked lol i cryed ok! ha ha

Cabbage Patch Kids

Released around 1986 - 1992

Ive always remembered i wanted one of these! and i even wrote a letter to "Santa Clausey" ha ha but never got one for Christmas and i cryed like a bitch again ha ha

Poochie by Tiger

Released about the 1990's

This little toy could *woof* ha ha and every time you spoke the toy would woof! and can throw a bone and would try and get it.

Mirco Scooter

Released Round 2002

i know this is a little off the 90's but i remembered saving my pocket money for this scooter! ha ha i had the same as the image above but mine were green and brought from Wilkinson's! gawd i loved that scooter!

Finger Board (Skate Board)

Released back in 1990's!

i remembered when this was all in the rage! and that everyone hadd onee! doing there tricks on them ha ha

Game Boy Colour

Released in 1998

The Game Boy and Game Boy Color combined have sold 118.69 million units worldwide. Wooahhh crazyy Right? i never had one of these i had the couple of newer versions.

Polly Pocket

Released back in 1990's

The name comes from the fact that many of the original Polly Pocket dolls came in pocket-size cases.I owned quite a few of this ones!

Pokemon Trading Cards

Released in 1998

It was all in the rage! i even remembered my primary school baned them! ha ha and i remembered owning a metwo card! i was a happy girl :D

well that's the end of the childhood guys squeal the sweets will be next!

Love and Hugs,

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Gel pink sparkle nails!

oh hai sex nails. ha ha

So i opted for a different sort of gel so i can grow my nails without blooady chewing them! *stressed* so i figured if i put hard ass gel over them they will be hard as so cant nibble :) lool!

Heres a little tutorial my babys..

Buff your nail bed so it'll give the gel to stick better and the primer to work good.

i took my primer and brushed it on all my nail beds :)

Then i just brushed on the glitter gel then cured for 1min then repeated the process twice.

Then poured the cleanser plus on a cloth and wiped off the sticky residue.

Then applied the gel sealer on all the nails and cured for 1min.

i took my top coat and brush it on all my nails :).


look at the sparkle! boy, better know im fulla fairy dust¬! ha ha

loves and hugs,

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Friday, 19 November 2010

Dying my hairr without box dye!

So its that time again when your roots shows and they need doing! AHHH whatt a dragg..unless you can do your hair colouring yourself..yes i have mastered the art of doin it myself WOOO :)

Again I'm no professional :-]

Went to Sally's online here and brought the ion Performance 5.53 and ion Performance 3% developer.

So i propped my stuff and gathering my sexy gloves and pink bowel and brush.

ha ha yehh i blew it up.. i know i knoww im mature ;)

so i squeezed the colour out and poured the developer out and did a ratio of halfies because it normally works for me lol

and you just wanna mix that shit up! mixx it like a cakee! ha ha

Then i applied it all over my hair..



Love and hugs,

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