Tuesday, 29 September 2009

* MUFE in UK!??! ;) *

Yes my baby girls/boys you heard me right! FINALLY! ay? :) only promblemo is.. one shop in london that stocks it and which can be found online too! click here but they dont stock everything.. but you can email them what you want and they can get it in for you :)
anyways back to the mufe :)

MUFE 117 and MUFE HD powder

MUFE 117 Foundation

This foundationn is great! full coverage :) i would say its full like MAC's studio fix fluid. I think i would love this foundation more if it was more my colour, i did do my research online on makeupalley and alot of people said that the 117 is better suited for NC20 oh.. HOW THEY WERE WRONG! look below me lovelys..

Mac nc20 Vs's MUFE 117

NC20 top 117 bottom

how was i feeling? GUTTED.
its not like one person was saying it, loads were lol but i found a solution :)
MIX! haha
and the outcome..

which is kinda ok for me as the nc20 was abiit orangey for me so worked ok :)
right next review HD powder! :)

MUFE HD power

i quite like this matte powder :) dose the job on the jar! however yes it is expensive..but if it does the job on the jar then why not :D but yes i would rebuy this again but better suited for the summer time as im not very oily at all more like dry skined im stil on the hunt to find a good moisturiser

heres some swatches :)

anyways hope you all doing well :) i shal be blog posting more!

Lubbs lubs
zee blogger SAMMAAHH! :)

Friday, 25 September 2009

*Flutter yO Butter with these eyelashes! *

haha liking the title? ;) tehehe

i got sent some Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes and some with self adhesive strips (ones were you dont need glue!)

so heres the first batch :)

91003 Flirty VS Maxi- Med Length Flare

Enlarge for closer look :)

These's lashes are the MUST have! well as for me anyways lol it gives me a fuller look instantly :) and helps for those who doesnt have any many lashes.BUTTT! theres a cheaper vison out there in wilksons lol cant remeber the price but must be about £3? to a fiver for the revlons ones.

91128 Lush

my first thoughts were OMG looks really fiddly wel um it wasnt in a way but is kinda worrying when you have these eyelash's on for what so ever hours n one section comes off you would look like a right donkey lol but i supose that would be you fault for putting little glue on or summat.

99501 Defining

These are the shorter lashes of the 99500 Intensifying(below) i think these or more wearable and more blended in then the 99500.Again these are self adhesive really good in a way not fiddly at all i would say you would prolly get about 4 uses for each band and another good thing is they including an extra glue band so if the current band dont stick no more just push it on the other band :) but then again its kinda limit to wearing these unless you buy eyelash glue n use it that way when you finish with the band then its worth it :) great for first time users

99500 Intensifying and here me wearing the lashes

id say these are great for lengthing but if you find it too much for that you can always pair it with 91003 so you have the fuller effect ;) and these too are self adhesive strips too!

91127 Precision

hmm i dont really like these lashes pure to the fact i dont have really fuller lashes n would loook kinda werid with these on lol but yeh you can again pair it with the 91003 but i would have to pair about 2 with em with these because it would be more spidey look if paired with one.

Anywayys thankyouu Janet this was lovelly :)

would i ever buy these again? yes to some of them :)

loves loves :)

p.s bloogging post later today!

Monday, 7 September 2009


So anyone heard of this brannnd?! i have heard some peices fromt his brannd from fellow youtuber *link* amber :) shes soo prettyy!

and that she uses marykay foundation so i was like :O cos this girl has mega flawless skinn! so ive been wanting to try it out :)

BUT THEN.. a lovelly girl called hayley came along!.. shes an independent beauty consultant for mary kay and that she gave me some free samples! woop woopp! :o) she also has a makeup blog which you can follow her here

So heres the GOODIIES! :-]

But/.. ive only tryed the bronzer and foundation (foundation not displayed lost it somewhere :'( and it was a good match hayley! )

so heres the bronzer and the swatches me sweeties :)

this is Bronze 2# Of the Mary Kay bronzer :)

i really really do like this bronzer! its matte which is a massive plus for me as i can never find a blooady matte bronzer! and its very buildable for it too :) which is another plus in my case as i swirl me brush in some bronzer's i look like a freaking shinny gold face cos its too pigmented and you dont expect it lol

Rating : defo 10/10

To buy or not to buy?: IM BUYYIN!! a shal be purchasing when i get payed :)

on another note i got a tattoo! :)

i got this purely because every girl is one no matter who they are or what they do and should be treated like one :)

...More reviews continued on Mary Kay Products :)

and on another note MAKE UP FOREVER IN THE UK!!! :-D

loves you all and misses you all loots!