Monday, 23 March 2009

* SoOoo..*


I went reading yesterdayy! YAY annd Nayy as i only just made the train with 2 mintues to go.. i thought phwoar im lucky only to find the train was packed ass full! full with bloody rugby fans of the match to london vs irish =-[ but then went for a cuppa in B&B ( muffin place ) then went off to MAC so were all excited :-) then a bloke asked me if i wanted help so i said yes and then i asked "can i have a colour match on studio scuplt foundation please?" then he was like what one? and i thought he ment what foundation so i was like... the studio scuplt foundation...he was like no the colour... so i was like all confused beacause i asked to have a colour match lol then he got all stressy and pissed off looking at me liking he didnt give a crapzee being there! so he gave me wipes for me to take off my own makeup off ( was abit strange beacause i thought they always take your makeup off, but it just might be mac that doesnt i thought too myself ) so i was getting along with it with this bloke all pissflyed on me when putting the foundation on me, hardly making convo so i said " oh you havent got the grand duos out here, do you no when you going to get them in?" then he said " i duno might be out in next reasled or summat" then when i had my foundation done i wondered about and FOUND the grand duos! so i was like i brought the moon river blush in the end and the foundation in NC20 and a lipstick in Poliety and i never did get my sample of foundation! =-[ i wasnt even planning buyin it as i wanted to see it in the nautral light but he never gave me one so i thought argh ill just get one myself!
all rounder in mac was crap! made my day crap with a snotty up his ass bloke :(

Sorry for a long ass vloging bit lol
next post will be pictures of the items i brought :-)

Jibbering jabbing always
Your samchee <3

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