Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Ladies and guys! get your arses down superdrug all of GOSH haircare is 2 for £5.99! sooo cheap! if you look at the prices one item costs 5.99 soo is all amazing! i'll be taking advange of this offer ;~) There shampoo and rescue me! repair 'n shine serum, iss heavonn! and when you do find rescue me! repair 'n shine serum, just smell it LOL smells friggin goood!

Pic is by RainbowDust :)
rescue me! repair 'n shine serum is next to the lime green bottle in this pic

Lovvee lovee your one and only sammie <333

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

* WahAYY! *

WOW 50 Followers hey? aww thanks guys ! you all mean loties to me :)

haha were running a bathh and millie kept wanting to go in it :~) bless her lol
i think i may do a comment giveaway on 100 followers but dont quote me on tha ;)
ill see how it goes chumps

Loves loves sammiiiieeeeee <3333

Monday, 27 April 2009

* SugarSweet Bubbles dupe? could it be? *

Well the answer to that not quite sure as i havent seen it in person or anytink but by the online pics and swatches i reckon it could be :-)

( Sleek ink pot - purple rain,Sleek - Calico 810,Sleek - Silk 814)
by the way silk looks whiter in person

yum yum products hey?
im liking this brand alot alot :)

Sleek - ink pot in purple rain

Creammy eyeliner that i like alot :) i wanna stay away from blacks as i always have black eyeliner on so i thought why not try purple? and im kinda liking this alot :) and hey you get a free cutessy brush with it lool! great for travelling even if its a cheap ass brush ;)

Rating :- very cheapp! i love the colours! but its gnna have to be a 3/5 as its crappy its not at all superdrug stores

Repurchase in different colours? :- i would say yes :)

Sleek Lipsticks MMMMM!

i love the sleek lipsticks¬! so girly so cute :) ive only just realized on sleeks website they have two calico 810 lipsticks.! one a ( coral lipstick which is the one i wanted ) and the one i recieved :(

and of course on superdrugs website they dont show pics of sleek products :( so alrounder crap!
but i pose im lucky in a way cos it only costed like 2 - 3 quid? i would probby be abit more pissed if expensiver lol :(

Calico 810 (the darker one) lol Slik 814

Rating :- 4/5 love the product but sleek needs to no they have a misshaps on there site and superdrug needs too do photos on there site!

Repurchase in different colours :- yeh have done :)


Slik 814, Calico 810, Purple rain gel eyeliner

Anyways my bloggers im soon to do lots more blogging
as i have loads to share with you guys!

Love youu bloggy wloggys (: <33

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

* Cute necklaces! *

so i was looking at the innerweb and came across these babys..

Cute or what hey?
and guess what even celebs are wearing these!

Lilly allen and paris hilton!
sooo tempted to buy off there!
anyways heres there website go check it out :-)

Have a good dayy beauty bloggers!
Sammiie <333

Sunday, 19 April 2009

* Southampton Hauling *

So i woked up really early on sat to get ready quickly and hopefully come backk quicklyy and wasnt that bad yano! i went in at 10am? and came back at 12.30pm when it started to get crazy ass busyy so i was quite glad i missed off the rush rush rush!

Heres my goodies that i got ;)

Sleek sheer cover lipstick - Satin 813

Oh my jesus... i LOVE this product so much! soo cute and gorgeous! and ass cheap! summat like £3.91? its from superdrug but you have to becareful as they dont sell it to all the superdrug stores.. which is a bummer but you can order from but what they dont have is swatches.. so i resolved this issue by goin to Sleekcosmetics and looking there :)

Rating :- 10/10

hase in different colours :- Yes ordering some today :)

Sleek - Divine storm palette

This too was from sleek cosemtics from superdrug and dirt cheap too £4.95! veryy very pigmented these eyeshadows! havent use this properly yet only swatches but WOAH even when swatched and rubbing it really hard off to get it off it wouldnt! it stays put! very impressed ;O

Rating :- have to be 10/10

Repurchase in different colours :- yes but the only problem is they do 3 palettes :-(

Barry M - Dazzle Dust 21

My first reaction to this baby is woahh glittery black :O! it has refleaxs of teal glitter so prettyy! :-) i just love it love it! very pigmented whichh i loveee i should use my dazzle dust more so this may be the edge of me doing so :)

Rating :- 10/10 for being a perfect eyeshadow :-)

Repurchase in different colours :- Yes and have done

Maybelline - lash Stiletto Black Mascara

I love the packaging on this little sucker! which drew me to buy it lol i havent tryed it out yet but the brush really looks nice veryy spikey and has a horrbile smell to it! wil get back to you on how i like/hate the product :)

Cant rate not been tested

Johnsons 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes

So i came back to the ones i love in the end.. i couldnt help looking at them and not buying them because there so soft and cleansing! these are still my loves and same with the simple cleansing wipes :) Rating :- 10/10 Repurchase :- have done :)

*Accessorize Haul*

Cool pen and cute purse ;)

* New Look Haul *

Neon for summer :-)
( L to R Hoops £3.00,Nail polish 102 £ 2.99,Glitter Shaker Yellow,Heart Earrings £3.00)

Hopes you enjoyed my yummy haull!

Bee blooggingg veryy soon to your screen ;)

Samcheee <333

Friday, 17 April 2009

* Twilight *

so i got my dvd 2 weeks ago..and didnt post on here saying ive got it! how selfish of me not too ! ;-) been playin it every day and finally took it out of the dvd player to watch "what lies beneath" ( scary movie) but the dvd must been messed up because the words wasnt in time when they were openin there mouths :( soo back to watchin twilight again now lol :-)

and i got some photos free with it from :)

thinking of reading new moon book again though since its everyones been talking about

Anyways on the makeup note im going to southampton tomorrow shoppin :)
soo prolly will be a hauling post again

and by the way.. the gosh shampoo is AMAZINNGG! going to be buying different products from there brand tomorrow :-)
love love sammie <333

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

* Superdrug/Primark Haulinng *

So ive been on the road againn! too superdruug and primark! i swear i dont go to any over shops expect these too lol man i needa work in superdrug to get majour discount!

Anywhos.. heres what i got :-)


Nadine (Girls Aloud) Eyelures
they also do the other band members of the group! which shortly i shall be buying..

Rating :-

10/10 loves!

Repurchase in different syles :-
Hella yes!

Gosh Soft'N Shine Lip balm in Barbie
yup i fell in love wit
h this little sucker when lollipop26 showed us!
very pigmented and moisturising


repurchase in different/same colour

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze for face and body
ohh how much i love this stuff! pure godess! not too orangey or fake looking :) and i even put this on my face! dont really like the smell though..but for the tan i wil get thew the smell lol :D retails £7.99/ £11.99 i think.. :)

Rating :-
(just the smell off putting a little)

Repurchase diffent/same colour :-

Eyeko Fat blam in minty :-) smells like it too!
Retails for £3.99 love it for highlighing my cheekbones. love it so much i might buy another.. wel who could say no to the big cute eyes packaging? lol

Rating :-
lasting power not so good but high rating for being cute packaging

Repurchase different/same colour :-

Gosh professional colour rescue shampoo
i love the neon colour, its what brought me too look at it lol still have to try this baby out but smells kinda grapefuirty? and just shampooy? lol rubbish at smell describing :)

Cant Rate at the mo not tested


neon pink/red bag
for £3 can be turned into a cutch :)

seriously can you tell i love neon? show much? lol
5 socks for £1.50 bargin much? :)

£1 nail polish! soo glittery and preety! but trys sooo frigging slow!
such a shame though may use this again when i have alot of waiting to do

Rating :-
the drying is a big bummer but the colour is nice

repurchase different/same colour :-

Anyways big loving for you beauty bloggers!
hope you hada good easter

Sammie <3333