Tuesday, 24 March 2009

* My Haul From Sunday *

So after all the bitchtanngg from mac lol thiss is what i got from there :-)
and by the way they were sold out from pink fish who coulda guessed that? ;)

NC20 studio scup
lt foundation, Poliety Lipstick and Moon River Blush/ Highlighter

My Thoughts :

NC20 studio scuplt foundation
: hasnt broke me out yet! which is a mega plus love the coverage and texture! and the small amount goes along way i.e SAVES MONEY!
Poliety Lipstick: Great nude colour with shine on my lips i just love the smell of mac lipsticks mmmm
Moon River Blush/ Highlighter: soft peachy tones blush its really supple and comes with a gorgeous sheen goldy/whiteish highligher * big loves there* just love this product so much im going to buy earth to earth :)
Superdrug Haul

Gosh lipjam 100,Maybelline pure minerals 40,Beauty uk paletee

Im being honest..

i must admitt i havent tryed the lipjam and blush yet but have tryed the beauty uk palette and i just want too say.. OH MY GOD! for 1.99or 2.99 its BLOODY AMAZING! love the colours very pigmented and its just really worth the money! deffo buying the bright colour palette for funkey looks! all rounder love this loads : )

Jewellery/Nail Polish Haul

Jane Norman earrings £6,Jane Norman bracelet £12,Star Gazer orange 103/Purple Pink 104

Hehe ;) :

told you i would be buying more nail polishes didnt i :) only beacause in reading New Look they had about a dozen of each there! so were very tempeted and brought! but looks soo niiice! big lover of star gazer at the mo :)
and the earrings and bracelet need to say more? SEXXYY! haha veryy purty stuff :)

So thats the end of my hauling from sunday :-(

hope you all had a good mothers day though !

Jibbering Jabbering Always
SamCheee x3


Superficialgirl said...

I love the maybelline mineral blush!

Sammiebbz * said...

ohhhh annnd mee long loving there :-)

Cris said...

Great, now I'm jealous of UK residents 'cause they're able to buy that palette >:-/. It looks lovely :).
And <3 Moon River :D!

Sammiebbz * said...

haha aww! poor you :(
mind you im super jealous of usa people! theyy have like everythink good in makeup there :(