Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloweenn !

Sooo me and my mum carved some pumpkins today as our little family tradition (even if we are old)! ha ha ha :)

My pumpkin :)

Up front :)

To the side! added fake blood to make it glooory! :D

and here my mums...

yup..BORING! still good tho :)she always does the same design each year!

Anyways what you all doing on this Halloween :)? i personally am gonna be indoors with the fam and bf watching some spooky films and

Heres my line up!

Mirrors (Released 2008)

Mirrors 2 (Released 2010)

Jeepers Creepers (Released 2001)

Martyrs (released 2008)

AND.. the last one has to be...



Paranormal Activity (Released 2007)

so now im gonna log off and get cosey!

and i hope you a have a good halloween !


Sammie XOXO,

Thursday, 28 October 2010

* Tip: For tweezer users! *

heeey ya'll plucker's! haha :) isn't it annoying when.. you have a billion over grown hairs under your eyebrows which you'd just noticed in the mirror and your tweezers are blunt and no wax strips about...


A) hide away and begg your sister/brother/mum/dad..etc to get you new tweezers from a shop?

B) get a hat and pull down to your eyebrows so that no one would see..



C) use sammies tip! muhaha

Right my girls annd boys :) its simples!
you shall need..

Your blunt tweezers and a nail file!

Then basically go back and fourth like this a couple of times. I would say alot if there really blunt..

bad nails i know! just took my gel nails off *sad times*


you should notice the difference instantly :)

Its a simple, yet effective method :)

Hope this helps you all

Love Sammie XOXO

Saturday, 23 October 2010

* Halloween Special *

heyy my loveys how are you all doing? i thought i'd do a halloween post as its close to halloween now, and to help some people out on a cheap budget while looking good well er kinda lol:)

oh hai sexxy face.

You will need :

Clear Eyelash Glue

→ Pritt Stick
→ Fake blood
→ Your Foundation
→ Barry M lip lacquer crayon No1
→ Black eyeliner
→ neutral lipliner
→ Black and dark brown eyeshadow
→ big fluffy brush and a little one :)
→ something pointy (will explain further on)

annddd now lets gett readyyy to rummbllleeee!!

Put some pritt stick on your face then around the pritt stick patch do a circle of eyelash glue around it and leave to dry when the eyelash glue is tacky (not pictured as camera ran out of battery and didnt wanna put this shitt back on my face lol).

Now get your pointy thing in my case a naill file lol and dragg across the nail file in the eyelash glue and pritt stick to make *holes* in your skin like above.

Now fill in the holes with the Barry M lip pencil and use your foundation on top of the eyelash glue and pritt stick.

Now start adding the black eyeliner to the shadows of the rips.With the neutral lipliner put it inside the rips so that it would give the *human skin effect* lol and add fake bloood :)

Then i added the black and brown eyeshadow around the shadows and buffed it out a little annd there your done :).

and this is how my hand turned out :)

anyways what ever your doing for Halloween be safe and have fun!

Sammie XOXO

Thursday, 14 October 2010

*Review: Cover FX *

So i purchased this product mainly cos of kandee saying it was the best foundation she had! and for a hefty pricee of £35 in house of fraserr. So plucked up the courage to buy it :)

purchased in M20

This considatey is some what cream foundation that turns to powder like.Its hard to get the product out of the pan but yet creamy? but by all means you'll need a primer with this foundation so you can apply it better.Without one you wont blend, and it'll be a bitch for you like it has for me lol

Covering Tattoo



♥ Heavy Coverage

♥ variety of skin tones ie. M=Yellow and olive undertones E= pink and yellow undertones and so on

♥ compact itself with mirror and sponge and lightweight


-› £35 without including shipping coincided PRICEY!

-› deffo need a primer

-› and you could have to set this ie.translucent powder or coverage powder

Million dollar question.. would i buy it again?

HELLA YEH! the coverage is like a friggin brick! :D have never found this immense coverage before

but one thing..if your buying this online.. THE SWATCHES ARE SHIT! due for it being shit i brought the colour like two shades lighter and look like a friggin ghost!

so bewarned!

Sammie XOXO

*The 5 tag*

ohh haii my love bunnys :) thought i'd do a post of all the random bits and bobs in my room for ya :) the rule is you have to find 5 of rhinestone/glitter in your room! good luck searchin cos i tag all of you! :)

*5 Rhinestone/Glitter *

couldnt find the exact one but found a similar one here at £14.55

*ipod nano 4gb*

i decorated my ipod nano a few years back :) some of the gems are missing cos i couldn't find a replacement as they stop selling the gems :(

*Piggy Bank*

meet mr moneey piig! shame its filled with 1ps and 2ps :-( haha got this as a Christmas prezzie from last year but have a feeling it was from new look shop

*Rhinestone mouse*

My USB mouse for my laptop :) again another Christmas prezzie from last year its from next :) i have a feeling they will be doing a rhinestone gifts again this Christmas.

*Sunglasses Case*

Got this one from good old primarkk this summer :) somehow i lost the sunglasses :( ah we more reason to buy some more next year :D

hope all my darlinggs are alrightt on this cold wintery day :|

cant believe halloween in apon us!

Sammie XOXO,

Saturday, 9 October 2010

* Growin up with me *

heyyy yall :) tought ill do a post of the growings up of me, from when i was a little snapper to how iam now, so that you'll get to know the inside me rather then the blogging side.

24 may i was born!

My first christmas :)

Bathh sink! with my tooth brush :)

i saw santa!

Dress up nurse :)

My 12th birthday!

Experimented with my BAD! well you live once :)

15th Birthdayy fixed my hair! :)

My yearbook photo :)

last's year on Christmas dayy!

annd noow :)

Please respect this post as everyone's young once and does silly things :)

annd i challenge anyone who's brave enough to share!

Love, from ya giirll

Sammiie XOXO

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

*Hauling from Southampton! and website haul*

Went to Southampton on Saturday and brought a few bits and bobs :)

The Goodies!

Max Factor Dip-in Eye shadow

Bronzed Glow 02

Iam officially in love with this! its amazing under the bottom lash line for a sexy smouldering look!Comes in 8 shades and is £5.99 can purchase from boots and superdrug :) They have a gold one called Ibiza sunrise :) im going to buy that one next. It'll look stunning in the corners of your eyes!

Rating : 5/5

Repurchase/diff colour : Yes!

Max Factor Lip Tint Pen

Colour 04 L-R rubbed in,thin line and heavy swatched

AHHH i love love love this! smells of cherry's! and has a nice application to it like a pen. Couldn't find alot of info on this product maybe because its fairly new to the market as of what i can remember theres 4 shades to a plum colour to bright red. If only they did more pale nude colours!!

Rating : 4/5 you need more colours!

Repurchase/Diff colour : Maybbe :)

Bourjois Effect 3D Max

Colour 61 Rose acidule

Oh haii nude pink lippy! a very nice lippy :) im kinda put off by the smell of it tho it smells to me of my nans perfume of summat lol However i do like the application wand because you can get a better application with it as its curved. Its very shiny and a little sticky

Rating: 2/5 dont like the smell and stickyness

Repurchase/Diff Colour: Nah

Hello Kitty Lip gloss

Apple Fruits

A very cute lippy from H n M! smells in between like apple and bubblegum to me a very nice smell :) and also very glittery. With a sheer swatch to it :( But i do love that its £1.50 and its hello kitty...who doesn't like hello kitty right? lol

Rating: 3/5 i think it might be too glittery for me

Repurchase: Probably yes cos its hello kitty lol :-D

Website Haul!

His and Hers Pillows cases

Very cute stuff! i couldn't resist not buying them! :) they were £14.95 and i purchased them here. The pillows cases themselves come up abit big so i'd measure before you buy them. I like the fact its a couple's item for abit of fun and you can get many different designs of them .

Rating: 4/5 pillow cases needs to be downsides a little

Repurchase/ Diff colour: Yes might buy them for a couples anniversary

I thinkk my next post may be my hair days or a review on a companys products.

Hope your having a good day tho :)

lOves Sammie XOXO