Wednesday, 25 March 2009

* so another haul *

So i ordered off of mac's website and heres what i have gotten :-)

io Scuply NC20 Concealaer, Grand duo Earth to earth,195 Concealer brush

My long lost concealer!

Studio Scuply NC20 Concealaer :
This little thing is HEAVEN in a pot! Amazinng coverage from this little beautyy ! :-) im soo glad i brought this :-) it covers all my flaws and under circles perfectly could say im in love with a pot! ;)

Grand duo Earth to earth
A sexy bronzey colour!it could be my new favo bronzer now :) its a browny orangey tint with the smallest glitter and along side a lightest orange with yellow undertones just lovelove this :)

195 Concealer brush:
Always needed a brush like this as i was always using my fingers,
but its a pretty dencets brush and i love it :)

Quick Tip!

So finding your eyeliner pen dry and no liquid coming out?.. well i found a soulation! all i do is spray Fix + or the brush cleaner even onto the eyeliner pen to get some product up so it doesnt dry out here are my results :-)

Elf liquid eyeliner pen in brown

normall eyeliner application on top
eyeliner application with fix + on bottom

on another note..

HAHA i put my doggy to sleepies! she looks tired dont she :(

Anyways what a long ass post!
harhar :)

more jibber jabber cominn your way!
Sammie x33


Anonymous said...

I love studio sculpt concealer too. You doggie is a cutie:)

Sammiebbz * said...

by far my favo :)
gonna love it long time lol¬ :-D
and awww thanks shes like a little teddy bear :-)