Friday, 29 April 2011

My 5 Days In Pictures ★


  I coloured my roots as they were in need of doing! So badlly :(

☆  I went shopping! and spent wayyy too much again! *slaps wrist* i needa stop spending!

★  Baked some cake! was super nice! and family seemed to enjoy it too :)

☆  Found a pic of my dog Millie makes me laugh everytime i look at it :)

★  Saw this beaut of a sky! loves the pinky peachy tones to it.

Andd that was pretty much it really! i had a good weeek :) 

hope you all had a good week too

love ya gal,

Thursday, 28 April 2011



Primark Ring, Primark Glasses, Nars Lipppy, Ab Rhinestones, Hologrphic Sprakles, Barry M 244, Barry M 210, Barry M 318

Gold Primark Ring £2.50

Left is the sliver ring that i previously had and right is the one i brought today! which i was super happy! as its fav ring i own :) it must be new as i havent seen this gold one in primark before :)

Nars  Chihuahua

Brought this on the nars webbie am abit miffed about it to be honest as the delivery was at £6!! blooady crazy right? anyways i love this lippy! its absolutely a gorgeous colour! and is great paired with Mac Hue :)

Barry M Nail Paints


Barry M 210, Barry M 318, Barry M 244
This was a barry m webbie order as i couldn't find the peach mela in my localls :( then i found these 2 beauts online :) only thing is the 244 doesn't get alot of glitter out which is a shame and that the drying time does take a while so be sure to buy a nail drying spray at your boots or superdrug :).

Primark Geek Glasses £1

I LOVE THESE GLASSES! period. so cheap! £1 lemme tel ya barrrrgun! ive totally worn these outside cos i love em too much :) totally sportinng em :)

Holographic Sprinkles

I brought this on ebay for a fiver and its for my cabs to make them all sparkly and glittery :) Must admit it was overpriced but say cant say no to sprinkles! :D

AB 2m Rhinestones

Got these on eBay again hada order some more of these rhinestones as im in lowww stock! haha half of my room is covered in deco stuff! i think i deco wayyy too much! ha :)

anyways hope everyone is doing ok with the hot weather in England at the mo :)

love ya gurl,

Friday, 22 April 2011

My 5 Days In Pictures ★


☆ Ive been doing some shopping online and should be expecting some posts of hauls soon :)

★  I found my new love for sims 2 again! ha ha i have sims 3 already but personality i think the 2nd is better :)

☆  Been such a hot day today with no cloud in sight! how pretty right? had a lovely bbq :D

★  My baby tinky outside soaking up some sun ha ha bless her!

☆ Made another pot, been making lots of these lately and giving them away for friends birthday and such :)

Maybe thinking of selling them..would anyone be interested?

Hope you week have been all peachy :)

Love ya gurl,

Thursday, 21 April 2011

All Hail Lipstick Army ♛

 So i was sorting out my stash of lipsticks and found out i have 47 lipsticks including my lip palette i made and the lipsticks in my blog sale!! crazy right?! Jesus and some of these i didn't no i had! So i made a rule for me, before i buy another lipstick i have to use one up! as i don't want this stash goin over 50 ha ha
Herres my babys

* = Limited  Edition
** = Pro
Mac Big Bow*, Mac Innocence Beware!*, Dior 260 , YSL 32 , Illamasqua Climax , Mac Myth , Mac A Rose Romance* , Mac Way To Love* , Mac Pretty Please , Mac Equality*


Dior Lip Glow,  Mac Cute-Star* , Mac Marquise D'* , Mac Fleshpot** , Mac Red , Mac Pretty Please ,  [Lost This Lipstick :( ] , Mac Close To Real* , Mac Creme D' Nude , Barry M 132.


Maybelline 108 , Maybeline 132, Maybelline 112 , Pure Nude , Nyx 597 , Benefit Ladys Choice , Mac Politely Pink , Mac High Tea , Mac Politely Pink, Barry M 101.


17 Beehive , Une L02 , Estee Lauder Crystal Baby , Mac Hue , Gosh 134 Darling,

And heres my lip palaette i made could tell you the colours but i know what all of these are from the Nyx brand :)

And like i said the rest of the lipsticks are in my blog sale here

Hope you all are having a good day!

love ya gurl,

Friday, 15 April 2011

My Haul ❤


Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Mascara, MAC Innocence Beware, Dior Addict 260, MUA Clear nail polish, Primark Rings

So i went hauling with me mam the other day i brought loads more but was more to the arty farty crafty stuff lol :)Just got paid too, spent way too much as normall and reallyy scared to pieces for looking at my online balance!

Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Mascara in Black

Ahh ive blogged about this mascara countless times! Retails at £19.00 in Debenhams Again my old time favourite mascara lengthens so well as much as volume! Its abit pricey yes but i rather pay this much for better results!

Dior Addit 260

Was just browsing along the Dior counter until i found this baby! the MUA told me they released alot of new shades out this spring and there loads of baby pinks and peachy corals out there! be sure to check them out :) Retails at a whopping £22

MAC Innocence Beware

i know i know... this was out ages ago! i got this in a blog sale for £11 couldn't link it to you as her items are all sold out now :( i do like this lipstick onlyy downfall is that its a cremesheen and kinda steeps into your lip lines! However its a lovely peachy colour :)

MUA Clear nail polish 

 Just a cheap £1 clear nail vanish for my cabs it acts like a glaze for them :) i havent tryed them on my nails so couldn't tell you if its any good or not. But £1 is amazing in my book at rimmel and maybelline retails for £5-6 for a top coat! 

My Primark Rings

Brought these for £2.00 i think..and thought how cute they are! i love to wear the bow ring on its own with red nail polish looks very 60s :) soo gorgeous! i do love primark rings at the mo i have a ton of em! :)

annd that was my haul today!

Love ya gurl,

My 5 Days In Pictures ★


Oh lookie here iam on time and early ;)

☆  I had my haircut this week! scary times! but i think I'm liking it :) will do a post to you all soon

★  I painted my nails into a sexy red colour by Maybelline Express Finish in Cherry

☆  Its been beautiful all week, this week! such a nice change summer is on its way :)

★  I been busy decoing again! no surprises there ;) i made all the parts on this one.

☆  Biggest crisp i seen in my life! been eating shit food this week! not good :(

Anyways hope your week has been eventful and fun :)

love ya gurl,

Friday, 8 April 2011

My 5 Days In Pictures ★

Haha i nearly forgot to do my week in pics again but still in time as its 11.10pm ;) 
lucky girl me :)

☆   This is all the Cabs i made this week! alot right? i think i have too much time on my hands ha ha  :)
maybe thinking of selling a few off? duno if anyone would be interested? 

msg below if you are :)

★  Had  a lovely relaxing bath! with my angel cake bath melt :D lovee it!

☆  Waxing my tosh off and failed miserably!

★  On my way to Southampton hospital all fun and games! i didnt know Southampton had 3 hospitals?!

☆  Anddd a little case i made :) and made all the cabs on top of it

That was pretty much it really :) hope you all had a good week!

love ya girl,