Thursday, 27 January 2011

Review: Babyliss Root Boost

Full View of the hot stuff!

The cool little slider (SO helpful!) will explain further on..

Sooo Mister Root Booster, will you give me magical volume less hair?

This little baby of a tool is suppose to give you form dull to *poof* like hair. Basically is like a little mini crimper and which adds to the question "Why buy a £30 quid crimper when you can buy a crimper for a tenner?"Well my answer would be its not the same! the cheaper versions have bigger plates and isn't going to make you hair *poof*. You have to buy means spray alot of heat defense spray and also hairspray on the section if you choose not to add hairspray the crimp itself is going to deflate, and dont worry if you hear *crackling noises* as its normal to, it isn't going to leave you bald so don't worry :).Also the mini slider is a very good effect what its suppose to do is slider across into a *lock* mode so that when you going round a friends house and carry this baby and put it in a lock mode it isn't going to burn/melt everything in your bag!


♥ 3 settings 200,170 and 140

♥ The Mini Slider

♥ Poof Hair!


→ £30 quid is considered a little pricey for a *crimper*

→ The On/Off button is very easy to turn on like a *tap* can be a little dangerous if left on something and plugged in.

→ Can *FRY* your roots if used regularly

Here's The Results

Before                                                       After

Dunno if you can see the results,but its so much better and vivid in person.This was done on a friends hair.


If i could turn back time and knew what i thought would i brought it? Yes i would of its so much better then back combing! and it stays in place all dayy! remember hairspray is your best friend! ha ha

Love ya girl,,


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Maybelline Silk Glam eyeshadow quad

Maybelline Silk Glam eyeshadow quad in 11 purple dream

So brought this a couple of days ago in town in boots :) (well actually my mom brought it) haha gotta love ya moms! :D and thought how gorgeous the colours are! but by all means the colours are quite frosty and shimmery.

sexy sexy :D


 Overall, i love this palette its beautiful! i don't think you could wear all these colours all at once as you would have discoballs on ya eyes. But this colours would help with people who have green eyes as there colours make your eyes *pop out*.

 on a random note.. my dog, Millie kept wanting to go on my bed and she was giving me the " aw please, please, im cute! " look haha

 Love ya girl,


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Makeup Pot :)

My pink makeup brushes pot :)

So i had an idea in my head of organising my makeup storage bit and thought it'll be a good idea to add abit of fun to it.

So i travelled down into down town and poped into "tiger" brought some beads for 2 for a £1.
I did actually buy 6 of these but used up the 3 packets on the little pots :)

and brought this glass for a £1 in "tiger" too :)


and my mum decided to copy me and went for a purplish colour for our bathroom :)

but she decided to put cotton buds in.

Overall, Its a nice way to show off your makeup that you have for cheap! and no flapping around! :)

Love ya girl,


Thursday, 13 January 2011

A little deserved Superdrug haul :)

Simple foaming cleanser,Peel off Mask,Accessorize's Blusher

Went shopping today with the mam and dad before we went to the cinemas we went into superdrug! my FAV shop ever! 2nd after boots then river island etc. So hada do a rush in superdrug so we wouldn't be late to see "little fookers" and picked up these beauty's :).

Simple Foaming Cleanser

Retails at £2.99 reasonable price for a cleanser i think, however i haven't tryed it yet. Hope its a good cleanser :) i like the fact that its foamy lol i duno, just seems kinda fun in a way? basically it says you pump twice at your fingertips and massage it into wet face.

Peel off mask tube

This peel off mask in a tube retails at £5.10 quite expensive mind you! the little packets retails at 99p *i think* buttt as stated on the tube its up to 10 application's! so not bad ay! :) dunno about you but i just LOVEE peel off masks.Just love pulling off the mask when setted haha. Anyone else love doing that?

Accessorize Blusher - 3 Pretty Pink

I have a crush.Oh yes i do.Its with Accessorizes! im just loving the brand at the mo! love all there bronzers and blushers. Reminds me of mac msfs for a wayyyy cheaper price! however the blush i got in pretty pink is the most perfect highlighter! sooo gorgeous and retails at £5.50!!! ...sayy whaa! cheap stuff im telling you!

Love ya girl,,


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mac studio fix fluid Vs Estee Lauder Double wear

Who will win? i decide ;)


1st Round up

Mac nw25 Mac Studio Fix Fluid

Now i must say Mac is a heavy coverage to the double wear its like freaking Barbie doll makeup covers everything! and can last up to 8 hours without any need of touching up.But with mac you need to buy a pump with this foundation cos you dnt wanna be wasting any valuable foundation!


Heavy coverage

♥ Slim bottle

♥ Spf 15

♥ 26 shades

£19.50 for 30ml


optional to buy the pump but makes it easier to apply

→ spf 15 can be a downside too, can be a bitch when having a photo done

→ Pretty normal bottle. Nothing thats gonna make you go "awh pretty bottle"

Estee Lauder Double wear 3n1 ivory beige

Pretty small bottle, but looks very nice. A medium coverage but can build upon the coverage up to get you desired effect.Estee lauder is in debenhams,house of Fraser,boots and online which means more access to get you chance of getting this product.


Non-acnegenic which means this wont make you break out its a proven fact

♥ Spf 10 it'll be better to take photos with this

♥ lovely looking bottle

more access to get your hands on the product

♥ 15 hour staying powerr

♥ they'll give you a sample before you buy (if you ask)


→ £25.50 for 30ml

→ can get no pump with this baby so wasting product

→ 19 shades of foundation

Top: Doublewear Bottom: Mac         Left: Doublewear Right: Mac

Winner Mac
Would i buy it again?

urm i think i would if im having those makeup spree days but other then that i think i'd always go back to mac cos they have a pump and is cheaper and abit heavy coverage.But by all means if iam having those shit i have spots days then it would be a good foundation to use as they don't produce more spots just cover them.

Lovve ya girll,,

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Why my blog was down for 1-2 weeks..

So lets just say.. im a stupid dumb arse bitch ya?

haha and this all happened on boxing day! just when i wanted to relax i hada do a stupid arse thing!

lets just say.. it was my *blonde moment*

Sooo you ask what did i do?

YEAH i deleted my Gmail account along with my blogger attached to it and my YouTube and other crap! only wanted to delete it as i wasnt using this account but somehow my blogger and youtube got transferred to this gmail account!

So what did i do?

i fucking flipped out like a pecan bitch haha and panicked! if you didnt no.. blogger forum is so friggin useless you cant directly contact someone from blogger there you *have* to go on a forum to ask for help :| usefull as i wanted my blog to be transferred into the Gmail account i was originally using


no friggin help untill i found the person tha worked on blogger on facebook! haa

Next step
contacting youtube to see if i could get my youtube back just by using the username n pass
yeahhh and there customer service is all friggin robot service with the automatic form crap and again cant speak to someone about it directly


not helping!

so i had a brainwave and thought why not actually contact gmail *duno why i didnt think of this in the first place* annd i kinda spoke to sumone basicily you hada fill in a form online of *what if sum ones got into my account* and filling your details like "when did you start your blog?" "how long have you had this account for?" shit ike tha :|


gmail are the top banana

and emailed me saying i got my gmail account back and along with getting that back...i got my blogger and youtube backk.. :D

wooo friggin happy days im telling ya!

im going to include some details of the people that work for blogger so you wont have hassle like i had.

as the blogger help forum is as useless as my left toe..


Brett Wiltshire: Twitter Facebook

Andy Page: Twitter Facebook

and thats all i havve hope this helps for anyone whos having issues with blogger.


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Ghd Midnight Collection Deluxe

Brought this about a week ago on amazon for £129.93 from £149.00 :) link
since my previous ghd's cable wires were falling out and thought that every time i turned my straighters on that i would be electrocuted =/ naattt good!

[Picture arse heavy]

The picture of the Treasure Chest Case and the free sexy arse mirrorr!

Look at the bootyful detail of the jewels! :D

I love the charms! cute little shoe charm going on there :)

A little mini travel case for the ghd's :)

A close up on these babys

Thheenn i founnd!!!...





HAIRDRYER?! annd 2 year guarantee to register on there website! :D

annndd thats it overall very happy with my purchase from amazing amazon :)

next post may be abit of a ramble on why my blog went offline for a week

thats why you couldnt access it or even read my blog posts ;(

but anywhos more to be tuned :)

Love ya guurl,