Friday, 13 March 2009

* E.L.F hauling and my Makeup Brushes *

Well hello my sexyy peoples! :~) missed you all!
sorry not posted been ill then my mum and dad were ill so had to look after them
but did have a chance to order from :-) theres also 10% off of gifts and kits sets the code is ilovemum anyways heres the lOw down of what i got :~)

My reaction is i LOVE everythink! but there are one or too products is abit iffy :-( like the Coffee liquid eyeliner its a brilliant tip of it but the only promblem is you cant shake the product into the tip so which meanns the tip drys out verry very quickly which is a bummer cos i loved this eyeliner :(

on another note the compact i'd customised is totaly different to the colours i got!
let me show you..

totaly different right? i woulda much prefered the actull colours i wanted on the website! o well but i do love peaches tho and would still use it not quite sure about the others tho heres what it looks on the lips
Peaches . Icing

But heres somthing fun i decided to do.. nail polish my MAC brushes :-D look soo nicee andd funkeey! glad i did them :-) i just put sellotape around the brushes above the word A on JAPAN or A on FRANCE and heres the out come of them :~)

Yellow nail polish is Star Gazer in 102
Pink nail polish is Star Gazer in 205

You can buy them from newlook :)

Next post shal be on more makeup haul and primark haulinng!

Jibber jabber jibstarr

Sammie x3


Cris said...

I love how the blushes have little faces on :D!
And of the 2 lip colours, I prefer Icing :-P :).

Sammiebbz * said...

haha and me but they come off in one swipe :'(
you really prefer icing? :o

Cris said...

True :(. But I suppose that's better than not having them there in the first place ;).
And yeah, I do...But I normally like pink more than peach. I'm not saying the other one looks bad...It's just that Icing's prettier to me :).