Saturday, 30 May 2009


Thattss righht me babyyss i havvee a new thing to rave about... its.. its.. MYYY NEWW PHONE!
ohh yehhh! thiis baby is bringing the sexyy backkk! phwooarr ;)

Its a Blackberry 8900! on contract 02 for £35 for 18months you get 600 mins 1000 txts and i choosen unlimited inet on it :)

i actully really like this phone! soo sleeck! :-)

OHHH YEAHH! if anyone knows any good free apps on this phone please comment me below you wil be loved majourly by me if you dooo :D

Loovvess myy peshal followers :D
Sammiiiie <3

* HaulingHaulingHaulingg OOhhhh YEAHH! *

Soo my beauty babyys! im actully really sorry for not posting often enough majour busy week been my birthday been shopping the hell out of it been over family and is just like URGH! my first full day of acctully doing buggar all lol anyways ramble over ;)

Herees what i got over my birthday :)

can we get a little OLALALA?! :-D

Lee stafford - poker straight sleepover
(its an overnight treatment )

i really do like this product! has really made my hair soft and shiny :) only downside is when u put this product all in your hair overnight yes it does go hard so you wont have like goo all over your pilliow but its when you wash it out it kinda hurts as its like haavin hard gell all over your head trya wash it out lol but yeno i would go thew with it cos the results are amazing :)

Repurchase :- yeh! defo

Rating :- 9/10 1 point off as hair goes hard ;o

Natural Collection - Apple Blossom

So your prolly thinking what the hell? whys the last pic has a arrow pointin to no where? well i was searchin n seaching for this bloody lipstick but.. i was reading it wrong lol i was searchin n searchin for apple blossom but was lookin at the wrong bit i thought that this lipstick colour was called " moonshine" as it was standin out in bold n big riting in the middle but infact the colour of the lipstick is at the bottom lol so yeh go sammie for having a blonde moment there ;)
anyways great lisptick! and its not evening a drying lipstickk as its quite nude! soo extra ++!

Repurchase :- Yes i think i would :)

Rating :- 10/10!

YSL - Rouge pure shine sheer lipstick

ii loving this lipblam! soooo moisturizing! umm not that good on pay off of the colour but i love it how it feels on your lipps :-) i would personally say yehh its worth the 20quid for it :)

Repurchase:- yes as it feels good :)

Rating :- 8/10 colour pay off not so great

Natural Collection -pink cloud

i love the colour of this little baby! :) pigmentation iss ok not amazing but you doo get the colour on youur cheeks :-)

Repurchase :- maybe

Rating :- 9/10 is dead cheap! £1.95

Mini eyelash curlers

i got theres from here but there £8.70 i just recently found out in avon they do them for a fiver! grr lol from here but these beautys are great! pesh when you have fake eyelashs on and you can see your actull eyelashes pokin forward and the fake eyelashes flying high lol it just dence them together so dont look fake :)

Repurchase :- yes! bloody good for fake eyelash lovers!

Rating :-10/10

Bobbi Brown - gel eyeliner in black ink

still the best gel eyeliner i have! :-) it just never smudges on me! wich is bloody good :-) i been in n out of eyeliners that pissin smudges! long staying and very creamy to get it on your brush :)

Repurchase :- Have done :)

Rating 10/10

L'OREAL Paris - Telescopic Explosion Mascara

Having tryed this mascara out yet but heard some pretty good reviews fromm people about it :)
its suspose to be like the givenchy - Phenomen'Eyes :-)

Repurchase :- Cant rate havent tryed

Rating :- Cant rate havent tryed

Anyways i have some some hauls coming soon so check in :)


sammie <3

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

* Chemical peel ?? *

Soo i first heard of this chemical peel from SAMANTHASBEAUTYBUZZZ on youtube :-) shes brill! i llove her videos loads! check her out :-) anyways yeh she had a video about lara chem and the chemical peels she brought from there i was like hmm i'll give it agoo and it came :) and.. OHHHSS MEEE GOOODSS! THIS PRODUCT IS GOD RIGHT HERE! BAHA seriously tho lol i love this.!
it makes my pores smaller clears my spots and makes my face softer and tighter :)
here is the video that she done Chemical Peel

Salicylic Acid peel 20% you can find it here

Notice :- the bottle looks different on the website only cos its for bigger sizes my size i brought was 1oz/30ml
and can only be done every 2 weeks and also causes skin to flake off

Hope this was interesting post :)

Loveess LOvesss Youuu! <3

Saturday, 16 May 2009


So i was inspired by Moni's post which can be found here to do my nails! :-D well in all i did 3.. LOL.. but 2 of them came out super crappy tacky but i was quite happy with my thumb one :)

If your wondering what
s the pink stuff is its glitter lol an the blue im using is Eyeko nail vainish ano i said this stuff was rubbish but decided to give it another go still think the same but i do love the colour.
Anyways thought ill do a quick post and leave you some pics of my baby millie :)

haha no idea whats shes got in her mouth

This pic reminds me of the "Thriller" dance bahha

Anyways late updatee
hope all of youu are okk :)
Sammiiee <3

Thursday, 14 May 2009

* Lotss of hauling! *

Yup im sorry guys! been bloody sick again with a badass meany cold! gosh i forgot how colds affect you! hot,clamey,Snotty ass nose,coughinn crazy and a sore thoart! yup i had the works going on lol
anyways i manged to get out like once lol and got a few items and some are back logged ages but forgot to post anyways here what i got :-)

[Overview of what i brought]

GOSH - Pump up the volume shampoo

Lovingg it largeee/! full of volume this shampoo! and by the wayy its still BUY 2 FOR £5.99 ON!
but thing is i dislike the smell bloody awfull! perfer the colour shampoo smell better but better the less it does what it says ont the bottle hey? :)

Would i repurchase the product in different styles? :- Yes have done :)

Rating :- 8/10 really dont like the smell!

L'OREAL Sublime Bronze

OOOHH babyy i love this fake tanner! i've already did a post on this back along and im still loving it! so much that i ran out of it lol retails 11pound however i got mine from morrisons (supermarket) again.Its some what a gel based self tanner,easy to blend! easy to love aha :)

Repurchase in differnt styles? :- Yes have done :-)

Rating :- 10/10!!!!

Me Me Me Jewel eye pots

A new Product from Me Me Me i saw this in superdrug and was amazzedd! looks soo pretty! :-) its a 2 in one eye proudct first layer is a shimmery eye creamy shadow and 2nd layer is glitter! :-D they do 4 colours and i think i may go back for some more as there dead cheap too¬! around 4 pound!

Repurchase the product in different styles? :- Yes on me way into doin so!

Rating :- 10/10! total love! love the colour love the glitter :)

Me Me Me Beat The Blues!

A gawjus highlighter! reflects of champagne glitter and sliver glitter! love this highlighter alot staying powder is pretty good too! annd is dead cheap retails 4poundishh im loving Me Me Me products so muchh ! i app ly this on my cheek bone too give the sunny glow to my face :)

Repurchase in differnt styles ?:- Yes!

Rating :- 10/10!

MAC just a pinch gel blush

Hmm what to say about this? im not quite sure to be honest if i like it or not :-(
i love the fact its a gel blush tho! its just its a very vibrant red like you cant really tone it down if you do go a little heavy handed on it i
really want to love this product! just gotta find a way to best apply it

Repurchase in different style? :- hmm if it was a pink/peach then yes

Rating :- 5/10 because of the colour! i only got this as people said it was sheer! :|

MAC beauty powder Blush of Youth

OOOOhh pretty rose :-) yes is why i brought it lol mind you people have been saying this is sheer too i would agree yes as i tryed to swatch it on me hand nothing showed but when i put it on the apple of me cheeks i noticed colour?? maybe i was heavy handed brushin the colour out of the compact lol! bbutt never to ssayy i love it :) not too vibrant not too light!

Repurchase in differnt styles? :- i would say no as the other looks like purple and only brought it for the rose packaging :)

Rating :- 7/10


Mac Myth Lipstick

Another mixed feelings about this product i jjust think i look like a dead bloody zoombie with his on lol but mind you iam NC20 and its pretty light i would think it would be better on darker tones but furtherless ill keep trying it out maybe i could find a lippgloss of summat to go nicely with it

what do you pair with myth lipstick?

Repurchase :- no just a little too pale for me to wear

Rating :- 7/10 is a quite drying lipstick but i still like it :)

MAC A Rose Romance lipstick

another *hmm* product i think its quite pinky on me still not quite sure about it i may put abit of foundation on me lips to tone the colour down abit but never the less it is a pretty colour :)

Repurchase :- No too pinky on me

Rating :- 4/10 just dont like the colouR! :(

MAC Way To Love lipstick

i quite like this lipstick is a coraly pinkishh tone too it not too bold just nice and light sheer on the lips, so much for a netual colour for a fair skin tone and fair to say i like it alot :) but would like it more if it was lighter as i just love the lighter colours

Repurchase :- hmm maybe depends :)

Rating :- 8/10 perfect fair skintones

PHWOAR long post lol i promise to post more if not feeling ill!
hope youu beauty bloggers aree okk :)

loveee sammiebooo <3

Thursday, 7 May 2009

*Haulingg coming shortlly!*

So ive been ordering off mac website..for all of you that dont no..
is out now! :D yayyy! mannn i been naughty and ordered lots from the rose collection!
didnt bother with dazzle lippys...

ANYWHOOO,, off the subjectt! has anyone been watching *Snog,marry and avoid?*
haha i love it loads! its a series of (sorry guys gonna have to stero type here) celebs/goth/wannabe pornstars/pornstars to get a Makee underrr!! results are amazing! :)
and when i mean celebs i mean..
Jodiee Marsh and Chantelle Houghton

If anyone is wanting to watch it the series can be found here online :-) and dont worry you dont have to pay for it either you get to watch the full proggy :)

Anyways tell me if you been watching it
loving or hating it :)

Lovess youu all <3

Saturday, 2 May 2009

* Making you save on makeup *

and heres how to do it...
Battle of the Brows

2000 collection clear mascara.
£ 2.93
Mac brow set

Both does the same job and its saving you a total of £6.86

Filling in the brows
Rimmel eyeshadow
Benefit Brow zings

Saving you £16.22

17 lipstick
(yes can be used for cheeks!)
Bobbi Brown Pot rouge lip and cheek


Saving you £11.95

Lip and Cheek Stains

MeMeMe Lip and Cheek stain
Benefit Benetint Lip and cheek stain

Saving you £17.62

Lip inflations

Sally Hansen Lip inflation
Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme


Saving you £10.82

In all for buying all the alternative makeup to the high brand makeup you've saved £63.47!
Girls its okay to buy cheap makeup! :)

anyways my lovely loveys hopes this helped
havve a good dayy bloggers! :)
Lovesss sammie <333