Thursday, 19 May 2011

All Hail GlossyBox!

Warning! this post contains all of contents of the goodies inside :D

Looks lovely done up isnt it? 

OHHH my gooodiies!

Nars  - Orgasm illuminator, Alterna - Caviar Rapid Repair Spray, Daniel Sandler - All For Eve, Invigorate Lotion, Bionova Cleanser

Nars  - Orgasm illuminator

Oh hallo FULL SIZE NARS! Which retails for a whooping £21.50! Glossy box you out did ya self on this one here! Funnily enough tho i was debating about to try this one.So was so happy when i got one for a £10 with other goodies :)

 Daniel Sandler - All For Eve

What a beautiful red colour!  Every girl has gotta have a red in there makeup collection! :) i hear that this lipstick earnings go to eves charity for cancer! Which is nice of a makeup company to do that.

Invigorate Lotion

 I quite like this lotion as its really moisturizing but at the same time has a over powerful peppermint smell about it, I however will still be using this :) and will maybe look into the company to see if they do anymore lotions.

Bionova Cleanser

I havent tryed this on my face yet, however smells bloomingg lovers! and doesnt feel oily on the skin at all! But this does retail at a high price of £29.00 for 135ml. Somehow, i dont think ill be making a purchase of this and stick to me johnsons makeup wipes! ha ha :)

Alterna - Caviar Rapid Repair Spray

Ah this smells so nice! kinda watermelony ?  and has made my hair shinyy! and again i may be tempted to make a purchase of this one! Retails at £15 - £20 for 100ml buy this online girls! its cheaper online!

Overall, dead impressed with glossybox beyond belief! 

£10 for a month and you get all this?! = perfect!

Cant wait till june! :)

p.s sorry iam beeing such a looser with lack of blog posts alot of stuff been gone on thew the week and just trying to cope.

Love ya gurl,

Friday, 6 May 2011

My 5 Days In Pictures ★

★  These are all the cabs i made this week! done a fair bit :) and using new moulds too.

Whats your fav, if you have one?

☆  Millie was being a right sop ass today :) shes so cute when she is. Ignore my nails they look crap! due to go get my nails done soon! :)

★  Trying a new fake tan out! first time i tryed this brand! and i must say im liking it alot so far :)

☆  Two new pots i did this week, i do however want to deco summat new.

★  Looking back at old pics, this was from Christmas 2010! cant you believe it 5 months ago! crazy how time goes by and dont even notice it.

Annd that was it! of course with the odd spending spree there :)

Hope you all had a good week!

Love ya gurl,

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Opps i, Just Hauled Again :)

My Goodies!

Been to town once again! haha you know this girl loves to shop :) went with me mum, as been payed so went all out with some sexy wedges!

New Look £24.99

I have these in black, but loves these wedges so much hada buy the ones in grey :). These are just so comfy to walk in and look so pretty on with the added height. However, i couldn't find the 20% in there newlook leaflet but keep an eye out as the 20% voucher is worth your while!

 StarGazer Glitter Shaker £3

I brought this along with my wedges , its really for my cabs to make them glittery and sparkly :)
a little bit pricey as you can buy glitter on eBay for a £1 but these have the shaker pot which is a huge plus for me.

Accessorize  Royal Crown Ring £6

I spotted this beauty in there and were in love with it! Just looks so cute on :) they got loads of nice stuff in there at the mo so be sure to check it out! Also

i found another thing i liked...

Accessorize Ankle Bracelet £5

Yesss you heard me a ankle bracelet! i brought this mainly to wear with my black wedges so it wont look to plain on. Must say it doesnt look too bad! and i really like it alot :) its so cute and it jingles ha ha :) reminds me of being a gypsy or something ha ha.

H&M £1.99

Came in 3 different colours in tan,dark brown and balck i think :)
 I thought how much it was a bargain for £1.99!  But it does have kind of a weird fasting to it. But im sure ill get over it :)

Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect £7.99

Brought this mainly for the colours as there just so beautiful! I have no idea on the lasting side tho, to see if there going to crease with a primer underneath. Will put to the test on it tho :)

Beauty UK Lip Lust in 09 Cocktail

So i spotted these in superdrug and rushed over like a crazy woman ha ha :) because i dont think i seen these before! and the colours looked really nice too! so heres me swatching away and was impressed because you can wear these shear or layer it on so that it gives the true pigmented effect! and decided to buy another!

Beauty UK Lip Lust in 03 date night

I love this colour looks great paired with mac hue. The lip lust itself smells kinda mellony>? and has a similar formulation to the mac peacocky collection from the lipstick in a lipgloss. As its so pigmented by just laying it on.

im in love with them :)

annnnd that was it! dont think im going shopping soon i've spent too much already ha ha :(

Love ya gurl,