Thursday, 26 March 2009

* Can anyone help me please? *

Rightyooos youno mac 15 palette? some of you people put magnets inside the palette do you no where i could buy them in the UK>? because been looking online and they do crazy ass sizes and i only want the little ones :(
just annoys the hell out of me when i knock my palette over n all the eyeshadows pop out and sometimes brake :(

If anyone knows where you got them please tell me would be a big help thankyou :) <3

Sorry for short little post but on the bright side im going to town tomorrow *yay*
Jibbering Jabbing nOnstopp

Sammie <3


littlepinkstars44 said...

I got a roll of magnetic strip from Hobby Craft, and just cut it into little squares to fit!

Sammiebbz * said...

aww thank you so much ill be buying from there mega soonny :) <3