Thursday, 25 June 2009

* Style Warriors *

Thiis is abit of a latee mac haul i stil got billions of makeup i brought recently to show you lol but here's what i booty brought :-)

Cann anyone sayy BOOTYY E FULL!
L: Lustre Drops - Pink Rebel R: Night Manoeuvres Eyeshadow


Hahaha i love thiis collectioon! love the packaging loads! but didnt like the lipstick's or the lipglosses i think they would be better suited for colour women as it would complment there skintone as it would look too dark on me :-(

Lustre Drops - Pink Rebel:

i soo love this! perfect shimmer not too much and very dewy glow skin with this little baby! :-) i think i may repurchase another as i love this too much lol well might aswell as this wont be here again! annd i love the little bottle lol very professial looking :)

Repurchase : yes i will when i get payed :)

Rating : 10/10

M.A.C - Night Manoeuvres Eyeshadow :

a gawjus dark brown with very little gliiter very matt :) this has became my new every day look lol i use this as a crease with retrospeak and some colours from a sleek palette :-)

Repurchase : Yess :-)

Rating : 10/10

Swatches :

Top: Lustre Drops - Pink Rebel Bottom: Night Manoeuvres Eyeshadow

anyways more hauling to come! :)

Sammiiee <3

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I Tag... YOU, YOU and.. YOU!


Thank youu Jenn you sweetie youu :-) checkk thiis gall out here

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So... Theses awards goes to... *drumroll*

I no how dishearting it is when you dont get a blog award so..

im tagging everyone who has a blog and is following me :-)

, Shifa , Betty Girl Make-Up , CherryCulture , Amal FM , Julie , gracie , xxMsJLavantxx , Glamorous Beauty , nhadz , &^Jennifer Breathtaking Photography Blog^& , Elisa Marie! , Natticute , Makeup Rouge , sugar , EyezAddiction , * Jen * , Victoria , Nicola , Kirsti , Nonny , mizzworthy , ~tHiAmErE~ , Kim , Whitney , Moni , niknik94 , Glamorouxx , My Beauty Blog :) , jussjammin.. , Christina , Paige Michelle , I_heart_red , Mary , Alina , Shabie Smalls , sweetchie85 , Anjuley , Michelle Duyen Ngo , MissDollyGal , alipopof , tiff , Nisha Yvette , Shannan , Trish , TearDropOnTheFire , Jen , Faffaholic , Latina8184 , R.C. , Sarah , ohmakemeupWhit , hazeleyes62387 , PinkChopstick , ItszJess , anna sl , TalluluhBella , sabrina , madison817 , Dazzling232 , Makeupstuff4u , Steph , littlepinkstars44 , xLaceFacex , Sonya , MindyandRoo , Laura Faye , x3Hayleyy , rainbowdust33 , Zoella. , Cris , Superficialgirl , loveformac

if i havent put you down its because i was trying to but your blog link didnt show up in your blog profile :(


lovingg you beautyys!


Monday, 15 June 2009

Cherry Colors is having a giveaway!

Abiit of OLALAING i hear you say?! checkk her ouut :) here

Check out the sexy prizes she's gonna give away! :)

Prize #1

Prize #2

Anyways Updatte : off too the land of makeup shopping tomorrow! so be sure to check me posty out and also i shal be replyin to all your comments tomorrow as its really late now :-(

Lovvinng all you beatuy bloggers!


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

* Studio Sculpt Vs Dream Satin *

so ive brought Dream satin about a week ago and wanted to compare it to my current foundation
(studio sculpt) annd here what i thought about them both :-)

L:- Mac Studio Sculpt R:- Maybelline Dream Satin , R:- Maybelline Dream Satin L:- Mac Studio Sculpt

Texture :-

Studio Sculpt on top and Dream Satin on bottom

Mac Studio Sculpt :- easy to blend and covers great on the skin :-) smells kinda funkey but the funkey in nice funkey lol but by all means this is my fav foundation .This feels light on the skin and doesnt feel like i have a foundation mask on me lol

Repurchase :- Yes :-) i was panicing majoury when i thought i lost this foundation lol

Rating :- 10/10

Maybelline Dream Satin :- very waterly of some sort =/ very easy to blend though but doesnt give great coverage on this one. But saying that i think this foundation is better suited for
" flawless skin " as it some how enchants your flawlessness lol

Repurchase :- umm dont think i would as i have more bad days then good days with the skin! :(

Rating :- 5/10 as just because i have to choose centain days to wear this foundation


hope you all had a good day on this gloomy afternoon :-(

S ammie <3

Friday, 5 June 2009

* A tip for gel eyeliner users ! *

Right as you know i LOVE my gel eyeliner! its my top baby of all the eyeliners i have! staying power amaziing! like i've slepted with this eyeliner on (ano very bad! drunk times ) and i wake up next morning and no SMUDGE in site! :D

Anyways this tipp is for neating or taking the gel eyeliner off, as i know is bloody hard cos it just stays there all day lol So i found a way of how to get the eyeliner off or neating the eyeliner up and this is what i used in my experiment :)

( Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner, Mac Brush Cleaner, Cotton bud )

Sooo i took my pot of gel eyeliner

swatched it on my hand

then took my cotton bud and sprayed it with Mac brush cleaner

and heres the results.......

The top i just weted the cotton bud to get it off and the bottom you can hardly see is the one i weted with mac brush cleaner :-)

it just cleans the gel eyeliner straight off! instead of just wettin the cotton bud!

( notice :- it may sting your eyes as you and i are different but i didnt have any stinging at all )

well i hope this was helpfull for you all :)

Sammie <3

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

* Hauliinng in superdrug and bodyshop :-) *

So went to superdug todayy annd was sooo hoottt in there as they havent fix there air con in there :( argh just puts me off going in there ! it must put you off too?

Heres all the stuff i got today anywhoo :)


Gosh - Velvet Touch Eye Liners

Ocean Mist, 004 Green Boost,Blueberry Ice

The most gawjus pastel eyeliners ever!!! awww i loveee these!!! total yum all over your eyes :) whats so great about this product is as im not brave enough to do bright eyed looks i just use one of these eyeliners in the tearduct so i can st
il have a netural eye goin on with a splash of eye pop goin on :) stayin powder.. SOO GOOOD! i tryed to get the swatches off me hand, it so hardd gettin these babys off i hada get a face wipe lol

Repurchase :- Yes have done :)

Rating :- 10/10! for defo

Thenn we have..

Body shop lip butter - YES YES YES!

MMMMMMM SO TASTEY! and yet so creamy =O this smells of strawberrys! ( ma fav )
:D annd i really love this cos the product itself is great! an that 3quidd goes to charity :) so your doin makeup shoppin and your also doin it for the goood! :D

Repurchase :- i actully would repurchase this yes :)

Rating :- 10/10






Body shop Body Butter - Coconut Butter

a gawjus creamy meltinng bodybutter! ah cant get over how nice it smells! and how the smell lingers on you for ages :D i think i may buy a full pot of this stuff :) anyways its worth getting down your local body shop and getting some free samples, there very helpful and wont think bad of it if your just goin in and getting free samples :)

Repurchase :- well i will purchase lol

Rating :- 10/10 !

Sooooooooo ALL ROUNDER! a really goood dayy!
makes me feel good when im spending money that im loving loads :)

Next post will beee a tipp thatt found out and to be useful as hell! soo to be continued until then :)

Lovesssss Sammiieee <3