Monday, 23 February 2009


Anyone watch the american oscars last night?! i did ;) and my first time for watchin the american oscars! i couldnt believe how much better it was then the UK verison of it but a shame that the american verison carrys on for ages but on a good note............................... did anyone see... ROBBERT PATTERISONN!?!!!
core hes a fitttaa! he looked soo cuttee :) very smartt in a tuux a must say ;) just makes me want to watch twilight all over again for the 50th time ! and im really loving there soundtrack music from the movie is really goood :--) and i didnt no that rob sang! hes amazinng!

back to the makeup :) 2 days time for HELLO KITTYY!!
YAY! cant wait for it :) and im also really loving GOSH - darling alot recently its a nice nude colour of the lips, they sell it at superdrug worth its worth the 5pound :) but nearly running out as i use it too much lol

and on another good note... my momma is ordering my sunglasses! the ray bran ones :)
can yer give us a WOOP WOOPP! :D

more jibbar jabber soon
Sammie x3

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AbbieAndBrian said...

heyyy i taged you in my "6 products i can't live without"
if you do a blog please let me know :)