Sunday, 29 March 2009

* Hauling Yet Again! *

So i went to town with my mum today ( yet again ) and brought
loties :D heres what i got

Comb 19p (wilksons),x2 fake eyelashes in Maxi-med Length Flare (wilksons),Prestige Skin loving minerals in 2 Glam Tan,Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Mascara,Maybelline shiny.licious 807 pink fizz

Comb 19p :

my back teasing comb gotta love this lots :) ( gotta be a 10/10)

fake eyelashes in Maxi-med Length Flare :

cheap eyelashes from wilko :D loves i only use this with a 2
nd pair on top to give it fuller lashes ( 7/10 because i have to use another fake lashes on top )

Prestige Skin loving minerals in 2 Glam Tan :

Gorgeous bronzey dewy glow! r
eminds me of the mac msf's for cheaper price :) ( 8/10 can be abit too geamy on your face but when used a little it looks perfect :) )

Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Mascara Black :

My favo mascara that i keep loving and buying more! i never turn away from this baby ! :) more fuller and lengthing look for your eyelashes! ( 10/10 for certain my mother of the babys! )

bag from primark (£5.00) , Purse from primark (£3.50)


M.a.c 3 lash , Clinique Pore Minimizer

Clinique Pore Minimizer:

My favo pore cover! it covers my pores flawlessy! it reminds me of some what a putty texture - yeah kinda werid but doesnt smell like putty! ( deffo 10/10 i keep buying this stuff! )

M.a.c 3 lash :

Havent tryed these yet, but looks nice from the packaging :-) shame about the price tho £8 =/ but ill make these last ;)
( cant rate if i havent tryed :) )

Anyways my loveys hope you all had a good day!

love choo all loties!
Sammcheee <3

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