Thursday, 31 March 2011

What i have stored in my makeup bag

My on the go makeup bag!

I think if i wanted too i could take some of the makeup out like one of the mascaras but you never no for emergency! I got the makeup bag at primark about a year ago so i duno if they would sell it now.

Duo Adhesive in Clear

I carry this as i wear fake eyelashes all the time, bad i know! but this is for emergency if my eyelashs comes off! badd timmmes!

Eos in Sweet Mint

Justt smellls soo frigginn gorgeous! i apply it to my lips before applying the lipstick so that i feel moisturised.

Sleek Creme To Powder Foundation Tester Kit in Light

I use this as a concealer even though its suppose to be a foundation! But i must say does the job well! and doesn't creases on me :) and more plus's as if i have a tan on i can use the next shade of this palette. I couldn't recommend this more then i do now! its a steal for £2.99!

Estee Lauder Magna Scopic Mascara in black

Love this mascara this is like my HG mascara! Ive been using this brand of mascara since 3-4 years and gone through a ton of these! but this does really give you so much volume and thickness to your lashes. It does have £19ish price tag but i rather pay abit more for a better mascara that's going to give me good results :)

Benefit Brow Zings in Dark

It has two compartments one is the brow powder and the other is the brow wax. I don't really use the brow wax just use the powder :) the brushes really help too as they sharp lines.

Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in Black

I love this for the fact its cheap! and that it gives out a pure blackened line to the other eyeliners ive tried. Anyways i carry it to top it up :)

Mac Kissable Lipcolour - Woo Me

I brought this in the Peacock Collection and to be honest thought i wouldn't like it until... i saw the swatches online! i knew i had to buy this! :) its like the perfect nude in a tube! im abit sadened that i wont get my hands on this again when i run out :(

Mac Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked

Love this brow pencil for one i find that cheaper brand of eyebrow pencils don't give out a true dark brown effect like they give out a tinged out redness and just looks gross on -.- so thumbs up for mac :P and thumbs down for the price!

Estee Lauder Lipstick in Crystal Baby

Such a lovely pinky brown colour its the colour of my lips which makes it perfect for me to wear :) like i said only thing i dislike is the smell its so offputting to me! :(

Sally Hansen Maximum PLumpin Lip Treatment in Cleary in love

LOVE this gloss! it makes my lips go pow wow! and doesn't hurt or tingles :) ok.. now the bad thing.. its friggin discontinued! so annoyed! still my HG lippy tho :)

H&M Strawberry Mint Lip Shine

I use this mainly for the brush itself, But the gloss isnt too bad either but doesnt smell of strawberry's.

Maybelline One by One Mascara in Black

Brought this mainly as it was the new thing out, i do love it though and does give my lashes volume but not as much volume to my beloved estee lauder mascara . :) 

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NW25

I carry this around me as its full coverage and that sometimes its hard to open the sleek palette up with long nails ha ha :) overall tho it is a good concealer! but you certainly waste alot of the product as you cant control how much concealer you want out.

and last no least cotton buds! this is too wipe away smudged eyeliner and what nots! its so necessary for me to carry these for me :)

I think all in all i need to sort my makeup bag out as i dont need to carry two mascara's, but sometimes i just throw all my stuff in without noticing i have alot in the bag.

Considered makeup bagg sort out!

Love ya gurl,

Monday, 28 March 2011

I Deco Den my Iphone 4!


This was my first attempt at decoing my phone case. Dont think i did too bad, but i know it could of been better! :(  

anways its really easy to do, and cheaper! then forking out 60quid per a case.

Wha ya'll think about it?

Love ya girl,

Friday, 25 March 2011

My 5 Days In Pictures ★

☆  My baby Millie had a hair cut! now shes so skinny looking ad not fluffy  :(

★   Had a MASSIVE fryed up brekkie in Reading! think its the biggest i seen! couldnt finish it for my life aha

☆   Ive booked my hair for a hair cut, thinking of going for a layered cut with a long swipe fringe. Im scared already!

★  I made some lolly pops from clay :) Been such a arty farty this week!

☆   Annd spludge myself to this because of this girl here and  i love the name for it!! tops up for Angel Cake++

Anndd there was my week which has been pretty mello :)

Love ya gurl,

Thursday, 24 March 2011

ATTENTION all Beauty Bloggers + Makeup lovers take a look at this!


The 3 famous girls of singing, with makeup like that! if it was their makeup artist that done that then Jesus, they needa be sacked prompto! 
Ha ha literally when i saw this i was..

* OMGING for like ten Min's like a sado! * 

This was out of heat mag this week.

On other news...



Love ya gurl,

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Ring Collection

My ring Collection!

Some that i love and some that i hate..Ill try and include some of the prices if i remember them, and remember i have brought some from years ago, so you may not find some of these rings in your local stores.


Peacocks £3ish , Dorothy Perkins £4.75, Regal Rose £11ish


Accessoires £5, Dorothy Perkins (came in a 2 set), Debenhams £10.50


House of Faser, Chunky Bling , River Island £7


Deenhams, Peacocks (hate this ring), Debenhams (and this one too)


Have no idea where i got this from, think i got this from Asos

From Ebay £8-9ish

And theres my ring collection! 

i dont have a amazing amount of rings, but would like to get loads more ha ha
really into rings this year :)

Love your gurl,

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

More Deco Den! ❤


Box, DS, Box and Nivea pot lol

Heres some close up on these baby's!

My box that i decoed :) with peals,ab rhinestones, pink rhinestones and a bow :)
Must of took about 5 mins to do! drying time would be about a day.

This is my DS cover that i decoed, tryed to do a pink sauce effect with a glue gun but failed! i blame the glue gun as it was a fiver! and was hard to glue down =/ . Again used peals,ab rhinestones,pink rhinestones and some little peals :)

This was on the Nivea tin pot. This is one of my least favs as i use a clay for the white bit and er it didn't go to plan! i fail at clay work. period. ha ha i only did this with a bunch of rhinestones.

Again another of my least fav =[  and was done with clay too lol this was done on a box that i kept some of my rings in it. Covered with ab rhinestones and some flat pearls :)

I'm still practising on deco den, i want to do all sort of colours and to eventually do my phone case!

just i need to get better! haha

well hope this was er kinda interesting for ya :)

love ya gurl,

Monday, 21 March 2011

Tutorial: Hot Pink Zebra Nails

OHH HELLO Sexay arse nails ;)


Heres the Tools you will need!


Revlon - White On White, Ultra Pro - Fuchsia Rage, Models Own - Back, Nails Inc - Albert Bridge

I took the Revlon nail vanish and did a little bit under then half of a white stripe.

Then i applied 2 coats of the Ultra Pro on the top upper half of the nail.

I then applied the Nails Inc on the nail and took some AB rhinestones of 2mm and 3mm with a toothpick and stuck em down whilst the topcoat was wet.

I then took the Models Own nail art pen and squiggled some zebra designs on and added topcoat.

Then TA DAA your finished! :)

Hopes you liked this little tutorial

love ya gurl,