Monday, 26 September 2011

INGLOT UK Online Store Now Open!!

hia guys short post from me today but just got a email through about inglot UK online sore now opened!! excited much!! :) haven't ordered yet but
i bloady will soon

Muhaha, check it out here

Love you uber lots and will do a proper post soon :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Depotting NYX pencils?!☺


Into this!  :)

What you need:

◆ Hairdryer

◆ Your Nyx Pencil

◆ Container (got mine from superdrug)

◆ Tweezers

First of  all you need to take the end bit the nyx pencil off and position it like in the photo. ( i used tweezers for where my fingers are in this photo as the hair dryer gets very hot) Then put the hair dryer on full heat and directly put the hair dryer down to the end of the stick. ( what this will do is melt the Kohl and the product will come out in the top bit).

IF this takes to long for you

Put the pencil in the container then put it in a microwave jug. Then simply microwave it for around 2 mins but keep opening on the microwave and keep checking its going down.

and when cooled it will look like this.

Annd that's my tip for you! as you can waste product for when you cant sharpen it down further it enough, so its all good :)

Love ya girll,

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Line up my Soldiers!♥

Cloud 9, Minx, Peachy Keen, Milkshake, Pin up, Pinkini

I love my little soldiers! and i also love the names for these too :) These are very pigmented and retail at £4.99 but grab yours now at sleek's website as they have a 3 for 2 offer on these now!.Must say I'm really impressed with the posting, i only ordered these yesterday morning and i got them today! = Happy Sammie :D.

Anyways i now shall spam you with these babys!

Cloud 9


Peachy Keen


Pin Up


Overall, i think these are amazing! i love the fact they havent disspointed me to the OCC dupe and glad that these running for a cheaper price then them :).
I do hope they continue to release new shades of the pout paint soon :)

Love ya girl,

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Whats in my bag?! ❤

My Beautiful Pauls Boutique bag :) (limited edition)

All of my stuff in my bag :)

Leaflet - Went to Hampton Court for the day! was really nice there and packed as hell.

Umbrella -  Never no about this English weather! nuff said ;)

Impulse + Exclamation body spray - To keep me smelling pruttyyy 

Retar Dex Oral Spray - Just in case! Never know when your getting a kiss ;)

Nurofen Tablets - Because i suffer from headaches so these are essential :(

Geek Glasses - Just because i love abit of geek!

Fan - As its bloady boiling in England at the mo.

Iphone earphones - To listen to the music on those bus journeys with screaming kids in the background -.-

My Keys - To get me in the house! haha :) have loads of key chains! im a collector :)

Iphone -  = LOVE! im a big texter :)

andd thatt is it :) i had to throw out alot of stuff from my bag as i was switching my bags up. Not a neat girl at heart haha.

Love ya gurl,

Saturday, 30 July 2011

How i whiten my pearly whites

Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express 4 in a box £20ish on eBay

Whats inside the packet, 1 Upper Strip and 1 Lower Strip.

With the Strips on...Sexxxxy



So back up 2 years ago, i was looking for whiter teeth and didn't no what to use as theres so many teeth whitening products on the market. So i stumbled on a video on YouTube about a girl using "Crest White Strips" so i was dubious to try it! For the record don't get the normal crest white strips as they move around your teeth i would recommend either "crest white strips advance" or "crest white stripes 3d 2 hour" as they stay on your teeth!. These are alot cheaper on eBay too! and are genuine as the retail website charges around £40 to £20 on ebay. So do your researching before you buy :~)

Hope this has helped anybody who wants pearly whites!

Love ya gurl,

Friday, 29 July 2011

Review: DollyEye Natural 3tones Green

 DollyEye Natural 3tones Green $19.50

Natural Eye

 Contacts in

Got to say these contacts look so incredibly natural in the light which i was so impressed by. As some people out there don't want it to be shown were wearing contacts and that were * natural born blue eyed ,brown eyes * and soo on :). I put these contacts on my brother as i could not put these in, for the life of me! Which is so annoying! as would of been nice to see a change in myself, if i had blue or brown eyes for the day :)

Here's The Low down..


♥ Cheap! priced $19.50 -> £11.85

♥ Very Natural

♥ 6 Colours to chose from

♥ 1 year Life Span

♥ 10%  When used  "10SMB" at


→ Felt abit heavy on the eye [But my brother says he has sensitive eyes]


I do think these are a bargain for as little as they charge! and even better when the contacts show up really natural on you. I would seriously recommend these lenses for any eye contact wearer that's ever wanted a change of colour for the day :)

Love ya gurl, As always

Monday, 25 July 2011

I Ingloted!

ooo pretty bag and munch! :)

Before i start this post would like to thank Cottonspace2  for picking these up for me in London! what a sweetheart ay :) So a massive thank you for you girl!

Here's whats inside the bag

L-R Lip Duo lipgloss lip paint in 27 £10.00 , Lip Duo lipgloss lip paint in 14, Soft Precision Lipliner 67,Soft Precision Lipliner 63 £8.00

L- Top: Soft Precision Lipliner 63     
L - Bottom: Soft Precision Lipliner 67

R- Top: Lip Duo lipgloss lip paint in 14
R- Bottom: Lip Duo lipgloss lip paint in 27


Cant tell you how much i love this brand! i love everything about it, still miffy they had to put the prices up alot as the freedom 10 palette was £35 and now gone up to £58 is abit of taking the piss really. But then again because im a sucker for inglot i would pay for it! Anyways, I love my lip duos! they are so creamy and pigmented and just love the packaging for these cuties :) and even the lipliners are good! i'd say better then Mac by a million Miles! As they are soft and have a good selection of colours and not too bad of a price for shelling out.

This is with the lipduo in 14 and the lipliner in 63

Want to get your hands on it UKERS?

Soon to be you can! i was emailing a women working in inglot,London and she says they will be able to do phone orders in late August! how exciting! :) US UKers can finally get our mits on them :)

Love ya gurl,

Friday, 22 July 2011

Review: Oh Sudocrem how i do lovee you!

My Sudocrem collection! yes I'm addicted! :) i have 2 more but lost them :(
Retails at £1.99 30ml at your local Boots and Superdrug

Mr Sudocrem!

You never disappoint me ! Sudocrem just recently launched out a new skincare cream out and is safe to say i love it! The skin care cream is so versatile you can use it for your spots,dry patches and sunburn. The antiseptic cream is different as this cream can be used for cuts + grazes (as the cream itself contains some mild anaesthetic) , and Eczema etc. This brand has been going strong for 80 years and gained followers such as Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh and Amanda Holden. Also Check out there " What does your handbag reveal about you? " tab on facebook here  - I'm the Bowling Bag, What are you? .

The Low down..


♥ The little tube handy to carry

♥ Cheaper then other spot brands *Cough Cough* Clearasil

♥ Unbelievably versatile

♥ Hygienic tubed stored


→ Need to make a bigger tube as its only 30ml


I have nothing but good things to praise for this product. I think its an amazing buy and worth the £2 in my pocket. After using sudocrem for 3 years safe to say i will never change my spot fighting product.

Love ya gurll as always

Friday, 15 July 2011

A ℱew of my ℱavourtie things...❤

Nars Lipgloss - Chihuahua, Clinique Chubby Stick -Whole Lotta Honey, Mally Highshine Liquid Lipstick -Mallys Look, Clarins Crystal Lip Blam -02 Crystal.

These are just some of the lip products i have been non stop wearing over the past months religiously! non stop raving for these babys! If your a nude lover, I'm sure you would love these colours as much as i do.

Nars Lipgloss - Chihuahua

Retails £17.50

Got this a while ago on which i recommend you getting nars products on that website as the shipping is free, to the nars website delivery is at £4.50 or summat like that! Delivery is going up now a days?! or is it just me? anyways! its a beautiful terracotta colour and is highly pigmented for us nude lovers out there :)

Clinique Chubby Stick -Whole Lotta Honey

Retails £14.00

OOhh heree chubby chubby! love this pencils! feels really moisturising when putting it on with the tinge on colour on with it. Thing with these, your gonna need a lip brush with it to apply it. It doesn't really bother me tho :) These come in 8 colours and shall be checking out some more as i love the formulation to these babys!

Mally Highshine Liquid Lipstick -Mallys Look

Retails £15.75

What i love about this product is that the applicator its a brush which means you dont need to carry a lip brush with this baby! Saying that, it does have a fruity nice smell to it :) Couple things i dislike is the "turn to get product out " clicker thing when you first get it, you have to click for actual agessss to get anything out! annndd that this colour is so FRIGGIN HARD TO GET!! seriously, unless you live in the usa you have no promblemo but if your in the uk its harder as they haven't released this with the qvc line which i dont no why..?? so my solution is to FIND A USA FRIEND! ha ha :)

Clarins Crystal Lip Blam -02 Crystal

Retails £16.50

Smells like strawberry's and cherry's! i love it because its so unique :) however i don't find it quite as moisturising as the clinquie chubbys. Its just a balm to put on to prep your lips to have lipstick on. But still makes me want all the other colours even if its so sheer! :) They have 3 colours: Crystal Coral,Crystal and Crystal red. Retails for a high price too mind you, so its a naughty splurge :)

Love ya gurl, as always