Monday, 8 November 2010

Review: Pro Longwear Concealer

So i purchased this online about 3 weeks ago after hearing how *amazing* it is, i didn't bother purchasing the pro long foundation as i have enough foundations as it is.. *shock horror!*

Shade Nw25 with Pump!

Its a creamy but yet sticky considatey very light weight..could say too light weight that doesn't hardly cover up! Building it up is a nightmare as it becomes too cakey and crusty looking :(

Size comparasment to my little pinky :)

NW25 Swatched!

The low down...


The pros for me must be that its smallish and possibely could be use as a foundation

Light weight concealer

More product in the little tube

Long Lasting!

without /\ with


→ Isn't a great build up of the coverage

→ the pump is not good..wastes product!

Coverage isn't amazing

Would i Buy it again?

No i would'nt because of how light weight the coverage is..with the pump too is just crap! sort it out macc! we dont wanna be wasting our valueable concealerest.. (ha i know i made that word up) :D


Sammie XOXO


DSK Steph! said...

I loveee your header! It's too cute! Disney font for the win!

carizzachua said...

i use revlon concealer. the best for my dark circles so far and blends well with foundation. try it, ive blogged about it weeks ago :)

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

Thanks for being honest with your review :)