Thursday, 25 November 2010

Review: Jill Stuart Eye Palette

So i purchased a Jill Stuart Palette in a blog sale as its really hard getting your hands on this baby's! theres only one site i know of that does these which is Jill Stuart Makeup. However, it is a tad expensive! and the prices are in JPY. So i would use a Currency Converter here.

Anyways enough ramble here's piccys!!

Pretty packaging right! :D

Brought in 04 Aqua Crystal

So i had kinda high expections of this product as its quite expensive around 40pounds even more! Its not amazing pigmentation (see swatch) very sparkly and glittery tho,which is to the point would i be carrying on buying this product because of how it looks like?

Here's the back of the Palette

The Low Down..


♥ The Packaging is too cutesy! :D

♥ Unique on the colours

♥ Its sparkly? (could count as a con)


→ The pigmentation isn't great at all

→ The price is alot, comes in the range of YSL,Dior so on

→ Can be quite hard to get your hands on these no UK shop!

→ and of course no Uk shop..will take about a month to get here from Japan

Would i buy it again?

Even though theres pretty much allot of against it to for it...but YES! like hello you would NEVER see anything cute like this in UK! and would be worth the wait! haha but PLZZZ someone make UK SHOP?!

Love and Hugs,


Pink La' Pon—á ♥ said...

i want this!!
great post chick xx

le journal de prada said...

lovely post..!!


Cris said...

Japanese shadows generally are very shimmery/sparkly, it's a cultural preference thing.

This is lovely, the 2 shades on the left are so beautiful ^_^.

Michelle Xo said...

Ah, I don't think I would be a fan. I'm not really a glittery girl, and I like my eyeshadows with super pigmentation. Thanks for the review!


kirstyb said...

gorgeos packaging xxx

Fruity Lashes said...

it's really cuute!

Hannah said...

I am a new follower lovely. :) This is so cute. So chic. ♥

Sasmita said...

Good pick. Go on!

What's shade is for spring 2011?