Friday, 19 November 2010

Dying my hairr without box dye!

So its that time again when your roots shows and they need doing! AHHH whatt a dragg..unless you can do your hair colouring yourself..yes i have mastered the art of doin it myself WOOO :)

Again I'm no professional :-]

Went to Sally's online here and brought the ion Performance 5.53 and ion Performance 3% developer.

So i propped my stuff and gathering my sexy gloves and pink bowel and brush.

ha ha yehh i blew it up.. i know i knoww im mature ;)

so i squeezed the colour out and poured the developer out and did a ratio of halfies because it normally works for me lol

and you just wanna mix that shit up! mixx it like a cakee! ha ha

Then i applied it all over my hair..



Love and hugs,

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le journal de prada said...

oh my god haha your post make my laugh a lot hahahaha

i love your new color hair!!

hope u follow me!

Sammiebbz * said...

aw good glad it does to you :D
and thankkyouu