Saturday, 20 November 2010

Gel pink sparkle nails!

oh hai sex nails. ha ha

So i opted for a different sort of gel so i can grow my nails without blooady chewing them! *stressed* so i figured if i put hard ass gel over them they will be hard as so cant nibble :) lool!

Heres a little tutorial my babys..

Buff your nail bed so it'll give the gel to stick better and the primer to work good.

i took my primer and brushed it on all my nail beds :)

Then i just brushed on the glitter gel then cured for 1min then repeated the process twice.

Then poured the cleanser plus on a cloth and wiped off the sticky residue.

Then applied the gel sealer on all the nails and cured for 1min.

i took my top coat and brush it on all my nails :).


look at the sparkle! boy, better know im fulla fairy dust¬! ha ha

loves and hugs,

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Ofra Cosmetics said...

beautiful color! great blog!

Bree said...

ooh sparkly! :D

le journal de prada said...

ohh beautiful nails hahaha
hope u follow me

Ofra Cosmetics said...

Adorable! I love it

Tanya said...

Love the sparkly nails! very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color but your nails are the ugliest i ever seen by far