Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Perfect Nude pink lip!

Yess you hearr mee! i have found my perfect pink nude lip combo!

Here's my ingredients..

My bare lips (is it wrong how i feel weird typing tha? haha)

MAC - Hue Lipstick

I love this lipstick! it's one of my "to go's" . I purchased loads of these, as i think it complements my lip colour! I'm due to buy another one as this one is running out ):

Gosh - Couleur Intense lipgloss 301

I brought this last week in superdrug and I'm in love with this! it has a mirror to the side on the lippy and the brush wand lights up! how perfect can that get? and always handy to have a mirror on a lippy if you forget to put a mirror in your bag.Its also quite pigmented for a lippy too!

*see swatch*

Sally Hansen - Maximum Plumping Lip Treatment

I brought this tube off eBay sealed and can safely say I'm loving this too! i need to check if they sell this in stores *does anyone know if they do?* its smells yummy! and doesn't have a burning sensation as with other lip plumper's i have tired in the past.BUT big but.. it doesn't enhance my lips what so ever... check the comparasment at the *top* in the result of that, I'd still be buying it as its a lovely lippy to have :)

lol anyone noticing I'm updating more? i think I'm getting into the swing of bloggin now woo :)

Love and Hugs,


communicatingbeauty said...

I love the look of the Sally Hansen one! :) x

le journal de prada said...

beautiful lips

Elizabeth said...

I like the mac and the gosh one. I'll have to try them out myself.it looks nice on you

bella said...

Pictures of lips looks original. It is a beautiful color and shade of lipstick.