Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The 90's.. the 90's! :D

I loved the 90's! They had great kids programs,the sweeties,toys! and the music! :D here's a blast from the past of the TV shows ;)

T.V Shows

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Dunno about you,but i used to be so scared of this programme when i was little..but still carried on watching it? ha ha


A programme about different types of adventures in a comic book :)

Dexter's Laboratory

with a loopy sister called Dee-Dee and a brainy brother called Dexter what couldn't go wrong? I'm pretty sure they still broadcast this show tho.

Sabrina the teenage witch

My favv programme ever :) i just brought the last season of the set and the last esp is a real tear jerker!

Kenan & Kel

" aw who loves orange soda? kel loves orange soda i do do ooo ooo"

haha i love this one i use to watch it all the time!i watched there movies that they made with it :) shame they dont broadcast it back as it was very popular.

Sister Sister

The series of two twins called Tia and Tamera that have the opposite of personalities and come thew day to day life issues..with boys! haha :) and with there neighbour Roger that he both fancied the twins!

Saved by the bell

About a bunch of kids in there bayside high school that often played to fool there head teacher Mr.Belding.They often hunged out in a burgar bar called "the Max". Again a very popluar series that came out with movies. :)

Anyways Ill be updating more of the 90's squeal in parts :)


Sammie XOXO


beckiexx03 said...

wow i had forgotten all about zapp..i used to love it when i was little lol! they still show the odd episode on one of the nick channels of kenan n kel as my son loves it, weird him loving it when i did when i was younger. What about sister sister/ saved by the bell? x

Sammiebbz * said...

o gawd yeah i totally forgot about those! ah you've totaly made me edit this post haha thankks for the heads up tho :D xxx

Moxie Artistry said...

haha, I used to LIVE for watching "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" oh the 90s, I loved all the grundge of it! *sigh*