Saturday, 13 November 2010

How To: Gel Nails!

As some of you may know that i do my gel nails myself. As its simple,cheaper and easyer!
So here a little tutorial on how i do my nails. But be warned i am no professional :)

You will need...


[Click for a bigger picture]

First of all i wash my hands then took the nail file and filed my nail bred down so that it'll give good application to the glue and then push my cuticles down with my cuticle pusher.

I selected my nail tip sizes and glued them to my nails. I then pressed down on them for 30secs to make sure they wouldn't budge.Then clipped them to my desired length :)

Then i take the nail file again and file down the nail line gently, so that it doesn't give a harsh smile line then filed the edges to a square .

Then i get my Gel brush and gathered abit of the gel then brushed on one layer on the nail.

Then cure under the UV lamp for a 1 min and repeat the gel and cure process twice

Take the Cleanser bottle and pour some on a cloth and wipe off the sticky residue on all the nails.

Now add the Gel sealer on all the nails.

Then finished with the top coat :)

and voila all done! :D

Hope this helps anyone who was curious doing there nails :)


Sammie XOXO


carizzachua said...

oh this sounds interesting~

la mì said...

wow!!! ^^

Jenny said...

sounds lethal for your actual nails :{