Friday, 11 March 2011

Tutorial: Pink Candy Strip Nails ★

My Candy Stripe Thumb ^.^

 Heres My Tutorial:

Gosh - Holographic, Andrea Fulerton - Stripe & Sparkle, Nails inc -South Molton Street, Revlon - White On White, Nails inc - Abert Bridge

Apply two coats of the Revlon - White on white and let leave to be bone dry.

Then i grabed my Nails inc in South Moulton Street and placed flat down on the nail bed and went straight across with two coats. 

 Now we have to do the sliver Glitter lining:

(as i dont own a sliver glitter polish so i made it!)

I took my top coat in Nails Inc and placed aload of top coat on top of a toothpick top.

Then i took the glitter bit of my Andrea Fullerton nail polish and sparkled it where the topcoat was placed on the toothpick top.

 Then i put a little drop of the GOSH polish into the mixture. You dont want too put too much of this down! as it will be opaque.

 Then i took a toothpick and mixed it up and then applyed it on my nail in a stripe and added topcoat.

The Result:


dont ya think its cute :)

Love ya gurl,



Cris said...

Yes, adorable :D!

I love the pink shade. Thanks for the tutorial :).

Sammiebbz * said...

aww thankyou Cris you sweetie <3
mo promblem :) x x