Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I love to Deco!

My Decoing!

So i recently got in to Decoing. Decoing comes from Japan,its a form of art of how they create cute girly personalized everyday things IE phone cases, calculators and so on.

 i did a bunch of research before decoing my cases on what they use for glue/ whipped cream like texture / rhinestones and so on! i found loads of websites online to give you help and ideas.

so always do your research girlys!

Here's the first one i did:

With the whipped cream effect adding some rhinestones and plastic parts to it :)

The 2nd one i did:

This er was my mirror ha ha till i decoed it! added some rhinestones and half pearls with the same whipped cream effect going on :)

..and last not least my final one!

just the same as the others really but wanted to keep it with a simple design :)

Just some reason i just cant stop decoing! i swear its addictive ha ha! and is very easy to do :)

anyways enough rambles from me today

love ya gurl,



River said...

Very clever! Looks great, well done. :)

Miss LV said...

So cute, well done x x x

*Zoe* said...

Cute! x

powder paint n pout! said...

great idea hun i would have to have it pink though! lol xxx

Sammiebbz * said...

@River aw thankyou girl! :) its easy to do surprisely!

@Miss lv thankkyoou! i <3 it :)

@Zoe thankyouu lave <3

@powder paint n pout haha yeah! im trying to aim for that too, just waitin on all my stuff to come thew the post :D x xx

Meg said...

Oh,they're lovely,congrats!!!
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