Saturday, 19 March 2011

My Hauling x3

L- R

Mua Eyeshadow 4, EOS in Sweet Mint, Estee Lauder in Crystal Baby, Mua Eyeshadow 16 and a Skull ring

Mua Eyeshadow 4

I brought this purely for the price! as £1 you cant go wrong :) ive heard alot of people disliking the formulation of this eyeshadow described at *chalky* but then again theres a few thats likes it. I have to admit That there right, it is chalky. Some eyeshadows pigmentation is pants so i'd say get swatchin on your testers before purchasing it! 

overall, its not too bad i would stil buy it just because of the price.

Mua Eyeshadow 16

The 2nd eyeshadow mua i brought. Now this is hella chalky then the other one i brought, but this is a matte colour.To which is goes on really silky and isnt amazing pigmentation the swatch i did in the photo. I was literally diggin my finger in the pan lol

Estee Lauder in Crystal Baby

Oh HAI PERFECT NUDE! Gosh this lippy is so moisturising and such a lovely shade :)Only thing i didnt like was the smell to which to me kinda smells overpowering and perfumery.Normally i ent too fussy with smelling lipsticks but its this one i just cant get my head around =/ i may just have to stop breathing and apply it ha ha ha.

Overall, love the colour it isnt going to stop me applying it just in future i shall have to stop breathing! ha ha

Eos in Sweet Mint

Ahh If you love the smell of mint this is the product for you! Such a vivid nice smell with the feeling of being moisturised on your lips i also love the fact that its a dome shaped lippy balm as its easier to put on. There are 5 flavours of this which are
  • Summer Fruits (which is the "original" flavour)
  • Lemon Drop (with added SPF)
  • Honeysuckle Honeydew
  • Medicated Tangerine
  • Sweet Mint

Overall, i freaking love it! paid about £4-5 on i'd say check it out! im sure you wont regret it :)

Skull ring
 Yep my ring obsession hasnt stoped there! ha ha ha i brought this in Dorothy Perkins and i would say grab yours QUICK! This was originally retailed at a whopping £9.50 but it had a 50% sticker on it which meant i brought it for £4.75. Crazy priced for a Dorothy Perkins ring a ring? £9.50? like seriously.. lol


i blue tacked two gems on the second pic what you think looks better??


Answerrr below :)

Love ya girl,


le journal de prada said...

love estee lauder brand
and also love your ring!!

River said...

Pretty lipstick!

I think the ring looks better without the gems, or maybe try a different colour?

G A B Y said...

The lipstick looks pretty!

Princesa Livia said...

I love the ring with the gems :)

Cris said...

I actually love the smell of Estee Lauder lip products XD. (I have Crystal Baby & you're right, it's lovely ^_^.)

Re: ring, I like the eyes :).

Great haul :D.

deerest said...

Ngaw I want EOS lipbalms 8( I love mint~!! We dont have it here though. I'm gonna research where to buy it online!! :D

However, I like the rings without the gems. But each picture gives a different feel :) So yap :D


Sammiebbz * said...

@le journal de prada i love the brand too :) and thankyou :) xxx

@River thankyou gurl, hmm maybe ill try adding some ab clear rhinestones on and see if tha makes a difference x xx

@gaby thankyou i love it too <3 xxx

@princess livia thankyou :) xxx

@Cris haha maybe it is just me then :( they do nice lippys tho! i may hava buy another one :) thankyou <3 xxx

@Deerest haha good gurl! im sure you will love it as much as i do :) and if u dont u can slap my wrists! haha im stil in limbo with the ring at the mo lol x x x

KatXoXo said...

That lipstick color is gorgeus! I want it!!