Friday, 4 March 2011

My 5 days in pictures ✩


✩  Painted my nails in Andrea Fulerton Tro using the top bottle

★ Pouted on Mac Red lipstick! feeling all mooviee starreshh :)

✩ The Feeling of owning mac wonder woman lipstick! + how much im lOvin it!

★  im waiting on some plastic parts to deco my iphone 4 case! i wil follow it up in post :)

✩ Watchin Pocahontas in bed! Bring back how good disney flims actually are even when your a old fart like me :)

Love ya gurl,



carizzachua said...

oh mac lipstick! im currently obsessed with lipsticks

Sammiebbz * said...

@carizzachua hhaha yeah they are good arnt they :) shame about the price tag of 13.50 a lippy! =/ xxx

powder paint n pout! said...

Sammie your lips look bloody amazing! That lipstick is gorgeous! Ohh and I see you have updated the blog sale....ive just been paid...oh dear lol I may be picking up just one more thing I will take a look later and see if anything takes my fancy lol xxx

Sammiebbz * said...

Awww thankyou girrll! :)pouted out pucker lips ay lol hahha aww bless ya girl! its the time to be treatin ya self anywayys! what thing you looking at?x x x x

le journal de prada said...

really loved pocahontas...
and the MAC lipstick!
i want it!

Lauria said...

I love pocahontas, one of my favorite disney <3