Monday, 7 March 2011

Review: Avon Super Shock Gel Eyeliner

Hallo Mister Avon Super Shock Gel Eyeliner!

So i apply my eyeliner to my waterline this in itself only lasts on me 3+hours without smudging so how do i keep my eyeliner lasting ALL DAY you say?!

Here is what i do :


E.L.F small brush, The eyeliner itself, Sleek Palette in Storm

 i grab my small brush and pack on this eyeshadow (circled red lol) on top of the of the gel eyeliner on the waterline.

 The Staying Power!

My eye at 1pm freshly applied eyeliner and eyeshadow on top :)

at 9pm can see signs of smudging abit in the inner corner of my eye.


♥ i think i paid £2.49 on ebay for this!! bargunn!

♥ staying power is quite good, for all the other eyeliners ive tried in the past.

 ♥  packaging is pretty! and has a nice firm cap on the eyeliner


→ its L.E! which means you wont get this packaging again

→ Staying power is not amazing amazing..but its good

→ £6.00 when brought off a avon rep! ebay is your friend girls!


iam really happy i have this eyeliner and for cheap!! i think ill be carrying on buying it until they stop selling it! ha ha altho the eyeshadow on top does help HECK of alot to produce more longer staying power. i'd suggest you should try it! Does feel a little weird at first but not annoying weird if you get my drift? ha ha :)

Love ya gal,



Vanessa said...

Great products! Your eyes look beautiful!!

jollybeachang said...

I got this recently and I really like this...might try your way by making it last longer. cool tip!!

Miss LV said...

Your eyes look amazing! I may have to try this, its so difficult to keep eyeliner on the waterline all day. Brilliant post and thanks for visiting me x x x I am now following x x x

carizzachua said...

I am using Avon super shock mascara and i totally love it!

Sammiebbz * said...

@Vanessa aww thankyou giirl! you sweetie <3

@jollybeachang ahh you should! seems odd puttin an eyeshadow on your waterline but does realy work with the staying power :D

@miss v aww you sweetie <3 thankyouu! shame eyeliner smudges dont it? ah us girls wht we do to make our makeup look perfect :p

@carizzchua oohhh! i was wondering about tha productt! totally eyeing tha up! can you do a review please <3 <3