Thursday, 7 April 2011

Review: Nad's Natural Hair Removal Facial Wand

Available from superdrug £8.99

So i mainly brought this because it looks easy to do, just swipe on and whip off right? was abit  miffed about the price as its quite dear to Veet my regular facial wax strips for £4- £5 Lets see if it lived up to my expectation's...

The Facial Wand Applicator

OOO sexyy green gloo on my toshh ha ha

Then there was wax strips provided  about 10 mini ones and you waxed them off.

My Experience

So when i took the wand, i just didn't get on with it! was incredibly sticky as hell and so awkward putting it on as its so thick and gloppy so i tryed warming it up with the hands and it didnt work still thick and awkward putting on. Then it said to imminently place the wax strip on and wax off, so i did that and was so IT DIDNT EVEN GET ONE HAIR OFF! so i thought *hey must of done summat wrong* so i applied the wand again and place the wax strip on and ripped off fast.. still crap as ever.. and im screwing! aha wasting my money on this for £8.99 when Veets does an amazing job getting the hair off!

My advice to you is.. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS

Here's the low down.


♥ No heat required

♥ Use water to wash away the wax

♥ Nice to have a precise wax


→ Wax very thick and gloppy

→ Didnt wax any hair off

→ £8.99 Considered pricey

→ Very sticky when waxing hair off


Like i said above dont waste your money on this crap iam afraid you would have to stick with veet and have the mashtosh rash  :( badddd times.

Love ya gurl, 


powder paint n pout! said...

Oh dear what a loada poop that is then! Think i will be sticking with me good old Nair cream lol xxx

Sammiebbz * said...

yeahh shame didnt workk, really wanted it to work lol badd timmess xxx