Thursday, 28 April 2011



Primark Ring, Primark Glasses, Nars Lipppy, Ab Rhinestones, Hologrphic Sprakles, Barry M 244, Barry M 210, Barry M 318

Gold Primark Ring £2.50

Left is the sliver ring that i previously had and right is the one i brought today! which i was super happy! as its fav ring i own :) it must be new as i havent seen this gold one in primark before :)

Nars  Chihuahua

Brought this on the nars webbie am abit miffed about it to be honest as the delivery was at £6!! blooady crazy right? anyways i love this lippy! its absolutely a gorgeous colour! and is great paired with Mac Hue :)

Barry M Nail Paints


Barry M 210, Barry M 318, Barry M 244
This was a barry m webbie order as i couldn't find the peach mela in my localls :( then i found these 2 beauts online :) only thing is the 244 doesn't get alot of glitter out which is a shame and that the drying time does take a while so be sure to buy a nail drying spray at your boots or superdrug :).

Primark Geek Glasses £1

I LOVE THESE GLASSES! period. so cheap! £1 lemme tel ya barrrrgun! ive totally worn these outside cos i love em too much :) totally sportinng em :)

Holographic Sprinkles

I brought this on ebay for a fiver and its for my cabs to make them all sparkly and glittery :) Must admit it was overpriced but say cant say no to sprinkles! :D

AB 2m Rhinestones

Got these on eBay again hada order some more of these rhinestones as im in lowww stock! haha half of my room is covered in deco stuff! i think i deco wayyy too much! ha :)

anyways hope everyone is doing ok with the hot weather in England at the mo :)

love ya gurl,


Jessica said...

Love those primark rings, I will be buying if I see them in my local one tomorrow! xx

Sammiebbz * said...

@Jessica aw hope you can find them there :) im sure u wil love them as such as i do :D xxx

G A B Y said...

OMG Those Barry M nail polishes look so pretty!

Michelle said...

Those Primark rings are gorgeous! :o

.x.Sarah.x. said...

Lovin' the geek glasses :D

The Nars lip gloss looks lush...I have yet to try out some of their products!


Glimmer and Glow ♥ said...

I love the rings and the NARS lipgloss looks gorgeous xx

Harpreet said...

i got the gold ring today. there was only one left, love it!! It looks expensive.

Sammiebbz * said...

@Gaby thheree gawjuus in person! love themm so much! its all about the glitter! aha xxx

@Michelle yeahhh they are arnt they? and a total steal for that price :) xxx

@Sarah aw thankyou girl :) aw they are good! just a tad expensive mind you! i would love to buy more tho aha xxxx

@ Glimmer + Glow thankyouuu <3 i love them also was a good purchase all round :) xxx

@ Haarpreet aw good! gosh bet you was pleased! that sorta stuff happens to me, but when i want summat its not in stock! aha considater ya self a lucky girly :) xxxx

Vintage Makeup said...

I love the color of that lippie!

Anonymous said...

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