Friday, 22 April 2011

My 5 Days In Pictures ★


☆ Ive been doing some shopping online and should be expecting some posts of hauls soon :)

★  I found my new love for sims 2 again! ha ha i have sims 3 already but personality i think the 2nd is better :)

☆  Been such a hot day today with no cloud in sight! how pretty right? had a lovely bbq :D

★  My baby tinky outside soaking up some sun ha ha bless her!

☆ Made another pot, been making lots of these lately and giving them away for friends birthday and such :)

Maybe thinking of selling them..would anyone be interested?

Hope you week have been all peachy :)

Love ya gurl,


Mallory Taylor said...

I LOVE the Sims 2! xo - Mallory

Sammiebbz * said...

@Mallory haha me too! can be quite adictive! xxx

Shahida shimul said...

Oh, sexy makeup blog.Beautiful Bangladesh