Monday, 4 April 2011

My Final Haul ❤

OH HAI  Sexay Bag + Wedges

So i was on the search for a new bag as mine is falling apart and i found this beaut of a bag in primarkk!
foorr.... a shocking £8! for a decent bag ay?! all goood :)

Now.. i left the best for last...

OHMYGOSH! how beautiful are they?! These are retailed £24.99 in new look..BUT big butt.. if you pick up there new look mag theres a 20% off VOUCHER in the back so these will end up costing £19.99! and they do them in grey too :) i love them so much that i may just get the grey ha ha :)

Love ya gurl,


Adrienne said...

need the wedges in my life going to go in and get a mag so i can get um for £19.99 kerchinng ha xxx

CHARRY said...

the shoes looks fab! ;)

.x.Sarah.x. said...

Love the handbag!

Shoes look cool too! I wish I could walk in heels/wedges :( but I just wobble!


beauty combat said...

wow great , i m your new follower.

Sammiebbz * said...

@Adrienne haha nice one girl! there beaut ent they? xxx

@Charry thankku <3 xxxx

@Sarah haha i do too! but im gnna praciste ;) xxxx

@beauty Combat welcome n thanku<3 xxx

le journal de prada said...

need your shoes!!
are very fashion xoxo