Thursday, 14 October 2010

*Review: Cover FX *

So i purchased this product mainly cos of kandee saying it was the best foundation she had! and for a hefty pricee of £35 in house of fraserr. So plucked up the courage to buy it :)

purchased in M20

This considatey is some what cream foundation that turns to powder like.Its hard to get the product out of the pan but yet creamy? but by all means you'll need a primer with this foundation so you can apply it better.Without one you wont blend, and it'll be a bitch for you like it has for me lol

Covering Tattoo



♥ Heavy Coverage

♥ variety of skin tones ie. M=Yellow and olive undertones E= pink and yellow undertones and so on

♥ compact itself with mirror and sponge and lightweight


-› £35 without including shipping coincided PRICEY!

-› deffo need a primer

-› and you could have to set this ie.translucent powder or coverage powder

Million dollar question.. would i buy it again?

HELLA YEH! the coverage is like a friggin brick! :D have never found this immense coverage before

but one thing..if your buying this online.. THE SWATCHES ARE SHIT! due for it being shit i brought the colour like two shades lighter and look like a friggin ghost!

so bewarned!

Sammie XOXO


ShoppingAddict said...

Cheers for the review! x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! Awesome product! Could definitely use!


Sammiebbz * said...

itss okiie :) yehh a great foundation to hide scarrs and tha :) xxx