Saturday, 2 October 2010

* lookk whooss baccckkk...*

Yess youu goott itt beauty giirlls and hunky booyss im bacck in thhaa business! :-D its been ONE YEAR! since i havent posted bad hey/? soo yoour probably wondering what ive been doing all this time..well lemme show you :)

Dyed Hair

i dyed my hair..tooo darkk brownn!! yess bigg step, been blonde since year 8! scaryy timmes :)
anoo shit webcam picture of blonde hair :-(

is a reason why i dyed it brown..i was pretty skinto at the time and was trying save money, so decided to give it ago myself after watching loads of people on YouTube showing how they did it.So i did it and
went ORANGE LIGHT BULB COLOUR! ermm sexy right? haha PHWOAR was i lucky to have a brown hair dye in the house.. annd bam havent been blonde since :)

2) New job!

Not the best looking job out there..but was a good job :) met some really good people there that i wont forget..then all turned sour when you have a new manager doesnt it? ah was a big bundle of and the manager didnt get on. For one he was a lazy git and slacked off, on all the stuff a manager was suppose to do..and made only me and no other staff, stand on till at a very busy place for 8hrs on end with a 30min lunch break without changing jobs over due to him not giving a shit and not listening to me, i have now a injury in my wrist :( and have a MRI scan to see what it is at this moment and time. funn timmess!

3) Went to London on my birthday

Was a good day! but was boiling hot! 32c if i remember rightly.. went on a London tour bus was fun :) anndd of coursee i went to INGLOT ohh yehh! i love that placee..if ONLY they do more stores in the UK i would be a very happy girly :) im a nervous
wreck tho when it comes to busy places.. didnt help the fact people kept bushing past me and me having *heart attack* moments and clutching on my bag in case i get mugged lol can never be too careful!! :)

4) Bfs, ex's and all things ugly...turn pretty :)

Had a couple of split ups with year ..not a lovely thing to go though but everyone does. Just have to be strong right? ive learnt dont be looking for mr perfect when mr perfect will be coming to you :)..which in this time and beingg.. may be happening :)

5) Tattoo!

Yess i got another tattoo my 3rd one! i love them:) love it when they have meanings to them.But this tattoo i got purely cos it was a last min decision.Cost £70quid tho..can be very expensive but worth it in the long run.
I got it on the back of my neck :)

anndd just been changin my layout of my blog and desgin :)
thats about it really still been buyin loads of makeup and shall be some reviews to come.But there you goo imm back :)

LOves Sammie XOXO


alexandra dean said...

I've just started blogging again too!
I think I prefer your hair dark, looks pretty (:
& cute tattoo!x

Eva said...

i love your tattoo :)


Sammiebbz * said...

@alex yehhi agree with ya since lookin bk in my blonde days i dont think i suited blonde hair lol and thankyou :)

@eva thankkyouu lave (:

Let´s go to be fashion said...

heeey! I like your blog! its fantastic! ;) me too i like the make up!
I follow you!
FOllow me to =)
im new in blogger.


Sammiebbz * said...

thankyouu ill follow back :) XOXO