Saturday, 23 October 2010

* Halloween Special *

heyy my loveys how are you all doing? i thought i'd do a halloween post as its close to halloween now, and to help some people out on a cheap budget while looking good well er kinda lol:)

oh hai sexxy face.

You will need :

Clear Eyelash Glue

→ Pritt Stick
→ Fake blood
→ Your Foundation
→ Barry M lip lacquer crayon No1
→ Black eyeliner
→ neutral lipliner
→ Black and dark brown eyeshadow
→ big fluffy brush and a little one :)
→ something pointy (will explain further on)

annddd now lets gett readyyy to rummbllleeee!!

Put some pritt stick on your face then around the pritt stick patch do a circle of eyelash glue around it and leave to dry when the eyelash glue is tacky (not pictured as camera ran out of battery and didnt wanna put this shitt back on my face lol).

Now get your pointy thing in my case a naill file lol and dragg across the nail file in the eyelash glue and pritt stick to make *holes* in your skin like above.

Now fill in the holes with the Barry M lip pencil and use your foundation on top of the eyelash glue and pritt stick.

Now start adding the black eyeliner to the shadows of the rips.With the neutral lipliner put it inside the rips so that it would give the *human skin effect* lol and add fake bloood :)

Then i added the black and brown eyeshadow around the shadows and buffed it out a little annd there your done :).

and this is how my hand turned out :)

anyways what ever your doing for Halloween be safe and have fun!

Sammie XOXO


deerest said...

awesome! But i dont really understand it! Can you do a video tutorial on it? :$

A & C said...

Oh my gosh, that looks so real!

Sammiebbz * said...

@deerest aww im sorry you didnt understand it :( which bit didnt u get? not sure about the video tutorial im kinda of a pussy arse when it comes to goin on utube LOL

@a &c aww thankkyooou :)

AestheticAnonymous said...

Hi! Just found your blog, those wounds look great!

Charlotte said...

Thats really clever :), wish I had researched how to do this. On my latest post, I just played around with tissue and pritt sticks, lol.
Scary work :).

Sammiebbz * said...

@AestheticAnonymous thankkyoouu :)

@charlotte aww thankks :) yeah n me lol i know that you could buy scar putty? i think its called but just wanted to use everyday stuff really and you did good on urs! loved ya post :) xx