Tuesday, 5 October 2010

*Hauling from Southampton! and website haul*

Went to Southampton on Saturday and brought a few bits and bobs :)

The Goodies!

Max Factor Dip-in Eye shadow

Bronzed Glow 02

Iam officially in love with this! its amazing under the bottom lash line for a sexy smouldering look!Comes in 8 shades and is £5.99 can purchase from boots and superdrug :) They have a gold one called Ibiza sunrise :) im going to buy that one next. It'll look stunning in the corners of your eyes!

Rating : 5/5

Repurchase/diff colour : Yes!

Max Factor Lip Tint Pen

Colour 04 L-R rubbed in,thin line and heavy swatched

AHHH i love love love this! smells of cherry's! and has a nice application to it like a pen. Couldn't find alot of info on this product maybe because its fairly new to the market as of what i can remember theres 4 shades to a plum colour to bright red. If only they did more pale nude colours!!

Rating : 4/5 you need more colours!

Repurchase/Diff colour : Maybbe :)

Bourjois Effect 3D Max

Colour 61 Rose acidule

Oh haii nude pink lippy! a very nice lippy :) im kinda put off by the smell of it tho it smells to me of my nans perfume of summat lol However i do like the application wand because you can get a better application with it as its curved. Its very shiny and a little sticky

Rating: 2/5 dont like the smell and stickyness

Repurchase/Diff Colour: Nah

Hello Kitty Lip gloss

Apple Fruits

A very cute lippy from H n M! smells in between like apple and bubblegum to me a very nice smell :) and also very glittery. With a sheer swatch to it :( But i do love that its £1.50 and its hello kitty...who doesn't like hello kitty right? lol

Rating: 3/5 i think it might be too glittery for me

Repurchase: Probably yes cos its hello kitty lol :-D

Website Haul!

His and Hers Pillows cases

Very cute stuff! i couldn't resist not buying them! :) they were £14.95 and i purchased them here. The pillows cases themselves come up abit big so i'd measure before you buy them. I like the fact its a couple's item for abit of fun and you can get many different designs of them .

Rating: 4/5 pillow cases needs to be downsides a little

Repurchase/ Diff colour: Yes might buy them for a couples anniversary

I thinkk my next post may be my hair days or a review on a companys products.

Hope your having a good day tho :)

lOves Sammie XOXO


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