Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Wahay! look what i found in my inbox :)! mega happyy! shame i cant go to it, but then again they have a secert website out,for the people who couldnt go! well goood :)

Anyways look what ive ordered yesterday!

Sooo cuttesyy ay? and for £11.89 bargin i say ;) heres the website if anyones interested
im quite liking this brand alot recently and wanting the pink intinal necklace in S but there all out out at the mo :( just going to have to wait, hate waiting tho lol

and dont you just hate it when you have a headache and your trying to sleep!

i had that all of last night and hardly got any sleep :( and when i did i woke up with it still lol
bloody headaches i say!
n stupid 4head thing that dont work :(

But heyy over with my ramblle will post later 2day or 2mrra :)

Sammie x3

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