Friday, 20 February 2009

Moree wants wants :)

yet againn i have my eye on somthing esle.. no surpirse there right guys? :)
so wha i been eyeing up is these sexy babies!

Shu Uemura - False eyelashes Luxe

Prob is tho i can only find these on american based website and only one english website which is SpaceUK but is sold out -.-
unlucky :(

Annd another thing that is caughing my eye is CHI Silk Infusion i hear everyone raving about this LOADS but will it live up to the standards eh? best price i could find was 14 quid :(

has anyone saw it cheaper in the UK?

Moree news on milliepoo shes having her booster jab todayy :( poor doggay! have to have a big ass needle in her :( i couldnt go to the vets cos i dont want to see her in pain :(
wel on the plus side we can start taking her for walkies sooon :--)

and ARGHHHHH wishh hello kittty is here soonn! mind you only have to wait 5 days now :)

but sooo annoying when everyones raving bout it loads in hauls vids
just makes me want it more

more jibber jabber
from thee samstar :) x3

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