Sunday, 15 February 2009

My wants!

Arghh i been keepin my eye on ray ban - Wayfarers sunglasses they look soo coool!
buutt they put a badass big price on these babys! for about a 100quid likee!

so not coool :( but hey when i get a job these are on the first of my list ;)


------ CAN WE ALL SAY OMG OMG OMG!?--------

i think we can ;)
i might have to pay for those babys out of my going "downhill" savings :(
it really really really really really is crapp when you dont have a job !
but hey this is my list to be :)

1) brush set - if they launch it in the UK
2) big bow - lipstick
3) Tahitian Sand - beauty powder

4) fun and games blusher
5) trippy blusher
6) cute Ster - lipstick

now can you say bad sammie for spendin that much of your savings on makeup? lol :)

anyways hope you all had a goood vals day yesterday!
i know i sucks ass when your single on vals day :(

Sammie x3

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