Friday, 7 January 2011

Why my blog was down for 1-2 weeks..

So lets just say.. im a stupid dumb arse bitch ya?

haha and this all happened on boxing day! just when i wanted to relax i hada do a stupid arse thing!

lets just say.. it was my *blonde moment*

Sooo you ask what did i do?

YEAH i deleted my Gmail account along with my blogger attached to it and my YouTube and other crap! only wanted to delete it as i wasnt using this account but somehow my blogger and youtube got transferred to this gmail account!

So what did i do?

i fucking flipped out like a pecan bitch haha and panicked! if you didnt no.. blogger forum is so friggin useless you cant directly contact someone from blogger there you *have* to go on a forum to ask for help :| usefull as i wanted my blog to be transferred into the Gmail account i was originally using


no friggin help untill i found the person tha worked on blogger on facebook! haa

Next step
contacting youtube to see if i could get my youtube back just by using the username n pass
yeahhh and there customer service is all friggin robot service with the automatic form crap and again cant speak to someone about it directly


not helping!

so i had a brainwave and thought why not actually contact gmail *duno why i didnt think of this in the first place* annd i kinda spoke to sumone basicily you hada fill in a form online of *what if sum ones got into my account* and filling your details like "when did you start your blog?" "how long have you had this account for?" shit ike tha :|


gmail are the top banana

and emailed me saying i got my gmail account back and along with getting that back...i got my blogger and youtube backk.. :D

wooo friggin happy days im telling ya!

im going to include some details of the people that work for blogger so you wont have hassle like i had.

as the blogger help forum is as useless as my left toe..


Brett Wiltshire: Twitter Facebook

Andy Page: Twitter Facebook

and thats all i havve hope this helps for anyone whos having issues with blogger.



le journal de prada said...

hahaha it seems crazy!!

Sammiebbz * said...

it were crazy! lol so glad i got my blog n utube back i missed it so muchh :) xxx