Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mac studio fix fluid Vs Estee Lauder Double wear

Who will win? i decide ;)


1st Round up

Mac nw25 Mac Studio Fix Fluid

Now i must say Mac is a heavy coverage to the double wear its like freaking Barbie doll makeup covers everything! and can last up to 8 hours without any need of touching up.But with mac you need to buy a pump with this foundation cos you dnt wanna be wasting any valuable foundation!


Heavy coverage

♥ Slim bottle

♥ Spf 15

♥ 26 shades

£19.50 for 30ml


optional to buy the pump but makes it easier to apply

→ spf 15 can be a downside too, can be a bitch when having a photo done

→ Pretty normal bottle. Nothing thats gonna make you go "awh pretty bottle"

Estee Lauder Double wear 3n1 ivory beige

Pretty small bottle, but looks very nice. A medium coverage but can build upon the coverage up to get you desired effect.Estee lauder is in debenhams,house of Fraser,boots and online which means more access to get you chance of getting this product.


Non-acnegenic which means this wont make you break out its a proven fact

♥ Spf 10 it'll be better to take photos with this

♥ lovely looking bottle

more access to get your hands on the product

♥ 15 hour staying powerr

♥ they'll give you a sample before you buy (if you ask)


→ £25.50 for 30ml

→ can get no pump with this baby so wasting product

→ 19 shades of foundation

Top: Doublewear Bottom: Mac         Left: Doublewear Right: Mac

Winner Mac
Would i buy it again?

urm i think i would if im having those makeup spree days but other then that i think i'd always go back to mac cos they have a pump and is cheaper and abit heavy coverage.But by all means if iam having those shit i have spots days then it would be a good foundation to use as they don't produce more spots just cover them.

Lovve ya girll,,

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le journal de prada said...

i thougt that mac is better than estee lauder!!

Sammiebbz * said...

i personally think it is too xxx

Jessica Autumn said...

I love the MAC Studio Fix Fluid more as well :)

I just wanted to let you know that the MAC pump you can buy for the Studio Fix foundation, will fit into the Estee Lauder Double Wear bottle =)

MUAinTraining said...

I swear by Mac's Studio Fix Fluid but have always wanted to try out the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. Great post :)

Dizzybrunette3 said...

Ooh I have been debating whether to choose between these 2 foundations! I want one thats good for shiny skin! x

Joan Onwuchekwa said...

U can always use the pump from studio fix fluid on the double wear- the Mac pump fits