Saturday, 1 January 2011

Ghd Midnight Collection Deluxe

Brought this about a week ago on amazon for £129.93 from £149.00 :) link
since my previous ghd's cable wires were falling out and thought that every time i turned my straighters on that i would be electrocuted =/ naattt good!

[Picture arse heavy]

The picture of the Treasure Chest Case and the free sexy arse mirrorr!

Look at the bootyful detail of the jewels! :D

I love the charms! cute little shoe charm going on there :)

A little mini travel case for the ghd's :)

A close up on these babys

Thheenn i founnd!!!...





HAIRDRYER?! annd 2 year guarantee to register on there website! :D

annndd thats it overall very happy with my purchase from amazing amazon :)

next post may be abit of a ramble on why my blog went offline for a week

thats why you couldnt access it or even read my blog posts ;(

but anywhos more to be tuned :)

Love ya guurl,



Arabian eyes said...

ooh how smart do they look i really want to upgrade mine lol its getting old! lasted pretty long though

Sammiebbz * said...

i love them :D ano is really tempeting to upgrade isnt it? pesh with all the neoncolours ghds about n tha! n sayin tha my ghds lasted in secordary school so had its years worth :) xxx

le journal de prada said...

ohh i love ghd products!! here in spain there are this products also!!


Anonymous said...

This is so amazing! And just look at that packaging! Such a great price too! :)

Thank you for posting!

Love Britt xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi loving your blog! I also have a GHD flat iron from Sephora but it definitely did not come with that cute flat iron case! Also I wanted to know where that phone is from in your "Cute Phone" pic -- I want one! I guess it was probably custom designed.

Well I just subsribed to your blog. Hope you can check out mine when you get the chance!

<3 Kelly

Ariana said...

Love it!

Amy Mcmillan said...

My GHDs were one of my best purchases ever. Mine have lasted for such a long time and they are still working great!
Love the midnight collection!
I'm now following, hope you can do the same :)

Nikkay said...

SO cute!
I never bovered buying GHD's again after mine and my sisters burnt out.

I didn't even know they did hairdyers! x

Sammiebbz * said...

thankyou everyone followed you all back :) i personaly think the ghds are the best in my opion and ive tryed a fair mount of straighters!

Sammiebbz * said...

@kelly the pic of the phone on my blog is off google sorry :( but i wouldnt mind having one myself! muhaha xxx